Blessings and welcome


My name is Dacia Dyer and I’m a solitary eclectic witch. I’ve been practicing my craft for over a decade. My journey has taken me from coven organized Sabbat celebrations in Virginia to solitary discovery on the shores of Ireland.  In addition to creating homemade rituals, I also have been reading tarot for over half my life. 

Now, I bet you are probably asking…

What exactly is SpirWitchuality? 

It’s my term for how I practice my beliefs, a mix of witchcraft/wicca/paganism along with other spiritual paths respectfully learned from cultures all around the world. 

You see, starting from childhood, I’ve always had some kind of spirituality; instinctively knowing there was much beyond this world that we humans couldn’t explain, but that was intricately connected within and around us.

So, I call myself witch, but what does that mean exactly? Witches and Witchcraft have been popularized in movies, shows, and on social media for decades, and books for centuries. Whether it was the green-faced hag or her shiny sister in the Wizard of Oz, or the too-cool and totally relatable trio of sisters from Charmed, Hollywood and television definitely have their biases (a.k.a. whatever makes more profit at the time).

But what really makes a person a witch and what do they need to do to practice their craft?

Well… that, my dear friend, is a much longer conversation. It’s probably simpler to explain my particular path to calling myself a Witch. 

Going back, I think it was fairly obvious from a young age that I was born to be a witch. Even after I was baptized Catholic, I would hold my own personally created ritual to call upon the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve and just have a nice chat with her. (Hello, proto-goddess worshiping.) Around 14 or so, my best friend at the time and I went out to find just the right tree branches to create our own wands… that, of course, being the beginning of many a craft project never completed. 🙃 

It wasn’t until much later in my life, around the ripe old age of 28 (yes! All you Saturn-Return-knowing folks), that I finally started to delve deeper into what my spirituality was actually made of and how I wanted to honor it moving forwards. And that was when I picked up Scott Cunningham for the first time. 

Scott Cunningham’s book, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, brought to life what I instinctively knew since childhood. That there is magic all around us, especially in the natural world, and that we can connect into these energies and work through them to co-create our lives. 

Before we get too far into things, I want to say this loud and clear…

Witchcraft and spells will not cure all your ails. 

One more time, for The. 👏 People. 👏 In. 👏 The. 👏 Back! 👏

Witchcraft and spells will not cure all your ails.

If that’s what you’re looking for here… please go back to Google, retype your “spell to find my one true love” or whatever the question was and find somewhere else to go. 

Not to be mean here, but cure-alls and quick fixes is not my modus operandi. If, however, you’re looking to learn about witchcraft from a real practitioner, with all her human faults and foibles… well then, dear reader! We can talk. 

With that… let’s begin. What are your questions about SpiWitchuality?