Why now is the time to relight your fire and prepare for summer’s growth

sprouting plant

It’s that time again when the birds are happily chirping more and the return of green leaves and budding flowers shows the renewal of life. May Day is approaching and everyone is eagerly waiting for the summer to fully begin. Waiting to enjoy all the daylight and outdoor activities once again. But spring celebrations have a long history and culture significance.

Beltane, translated as “bright fire”, was the pagan holiday of the British Isles celebrating the spring and the return of the sun – quite literally. This was the time in which the world was coming out of the dark of winter and the earth was ready to accept the seeds to be grown and harvested in the fall. It was a celebration of life and surviving yet another winter.

But they didn’t just party it up to thank their gods for survival. The pagans also used this time to prepare for the growing cycle to come. They would light bonfires and walk their cattle between the fires in order to protect them before they went out to the summer pastures. There were also similar rituals to protect crops and people, encouraging growth. It was a time of preparation and planning.

Although we don’t need to celebrate our survival in such a way, it’s still an excellent time to plan and prepare for our own growing cycles. Now is the time to bring abundance and prosperity into your life. Whether it’s starting on the annual spring cleaning and garage sale, to rid yourself of all the things that weigh you down (literally and metaphorically), or you want to finally pursue your passion for gardening – now is the time!

Unlike any other creature on earth, we humans are constantly growing and changing. We reach for new heights and constantly create our world anew. Let the energy and light of spring carry you forward as you (re)create yourself for another year. Plant the seeds you wish to grow this year and feed them with your passion and internal fires.


What seeds will you sow this spring? Leave a comment below.

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