Want to enjoy life more? Embrace the mysterious

Day 27 of Write31Days:

embrace the mysterious


               Someday that which had seemed mysterious would wax mundane. Now, it occurred to her, in that event, she would feel cheated. Wasn’t there a surplus in life of the boring, the repetitive, the mediocre, and the tame? Shouldn’t she be glad, grateful for this intrusion of the unexpected and unexplained? And if she never understood it, why, so much the better. The surprise and shock of the extraordinary, even when embodied in so small a happening as the riddle around the spoon, could be a tonic, a syrup of wahoo, and she found herself wishing a dose–dangerous side effects be damned–for everyone she knew. – Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

If you’ve stuck with me for a while, you’ll have seen that I put up another Tom Robbins quote at the beginning of the month. His books are so mind-blowingly-fascinating. I think the above quote best sums up his style. He has his own kind of wahoo syrup in every plot and keeps you on your toes throughout the story. I love his writing for that very reason. It breaks the pattern of the expected and leaves you with an expanded view of the world.

All too often we find ourselves going about our daily routines without a lot of thought behind them. This can turn into ruts quickly and leave you with that surplus of the boring, repetitive and mediocre. It’s at those times I remember the popular film “American Beauty”. When the teenage boy describes why he loves filming the plastic grocery bags circling in the wind. Have you ever really stopped to watch bags twirling in the wind? That movie and scene obviously tapped into our deep human need for more wahoo and mysteriousness.

Whenever I find myself being pulled along with the mundane world too much, I try to watch children or animals playing. There’s nothing more enchanting than listening to a child explain to her imaginary friend why the bananas are the wheels of their speed racer (it’s because they’re like skis and can go faster). Children haven’t lost their belief that anything is possible. And as for animals, who can guess what’s in a cat’s mind when he suddenly decides to run around the house like his tail is on fire and then just as suddenly stop to groom himself?

There’s a great deal out in the world to watch and wonder at. That alone is usually enough to pull yourself out of any rut you may find yourself in. Just remember to look around now and again to see the extraordinary that’s all around.

What helps you to see the world in a new light?

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