Unlearning Old Lessons – Marketing in the New World

Unlearning Old Lessons-Marketing in the New World

When I was in college, I did my minor studies in Business. I hadn’t intended to at first. It was only because my semester spent abroad in Russia bumped my Russian language minor credits to fulfill a major that I thought about studying business. It wasn’t my passion, but I thought you can’t go wrong learning about business as that’s what the world runs on.

Although I wasn’t in love with business per se, I did love one particular group project which was creating a business idea from scratch and hitting all the key components. From initial market research, to budgeting, all the way to how you’d market your new product or service. I don’t think my team was terribly clever, as we just created another Asian fusion restaurant, but it was fun nonetheless.

The not so fun part was learning about marketing (well, and finance – but let’s not even go in to that!) Marketing seemed this Goliath-sized monstrosity that was too large to battle successfully with, but had to be dealt with daily to reach your clientele and profit goals.

Now that I’m starting my own business, I have to once again wrestle with the old Marketing Monster. But times have changed drastically! Where do I even start? With printed flyers slipped under doors in my target audience’s neighborhood? Or how about a 1/32 page ad in the local newspaper – do we even have those anymore?

Without trying to date myself too much… erhm… college was a while back. When these were the most common marketing strategies taught in my class. In fact, my freshman class was the first at DU to be required to bring a laptop with them to school. Can you fathom that now?

Yes, we had the internet, but for the most part AOL still reigned supreme and MySpace was just starting to become a thing. Oh my! Facebook was a dream. Twitter hadn’t even been thought of yet. And YouTube? Please. But now, this is how communication flows. Not by paper and ink. But through screens and notifications.

I’m not trying to sound like an old fogey here (though some days I really do feel like it). I’m just putting it out there that navigating ALL the varied social media outlets in order to communicate with your client can be beyond daunting at times. But I do keep trying. I even did my first few Periscope videos a few weeks ago. Even old(er) dogs can learn new tricks!

Here’s the thing though – what platform do I use for what and when? It’s hard to know when to Periscope something when you could just Tweet it. Or maybe a nice longer blog post will be better than Tumblr. Instagram an image versus Snapchat it. Update my LinkedIn profile or my Facebook page. I start to feel like Drew Barrymore in He’s just not into You.

It’s soBe on ALL social media hard to know where to start and what to focus on. I feel like I need to….







But I’m sure that’s not the answer. If nothing else, I will be exhausted like Drew and want to throw my hands up and give in. That’s why I’m taking April Bowles-Olin’s Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing course on CreativeLive.

​I just watched the first lesson today and I’m already feeling more calm and confident about marketing in a new world. Yes, navigating these strange new waters can be hard. But it’s harder still to go it alone and without a map! That’s why I highly suggest you too RSVP for her CreativeLive course and start getting a handle on your marketing plan today! I’ll see you there.


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Now it’s your turn… what’s your biggest marketing struggle? Let me know in the links below.

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4 thoughts on “Unlearning Old Lessons – Marketing in the New World

  1. I agree, April has a way of making everything seem doable. I’ve had good success by spending most of my time on just 2 social media platforms where my clients hangout (Facebook and Pinterest).

    • Dacia Dyer

      Agreed Sage! Focusing on a couple of the best platforms for your particular business is Much better than trying to hit them all! And way less stressful too. 🙂

  2. I’m loving April’s bootcamp too! I agree with you: marketing can be overwhelming and it’s much easier when you have someone to help you navigate through it

    • Dacia Dyer

      Yes, Flavia, it’s so awesome! What’s been your favorite part so far? I know it’s early yet. I think learning my strengths lie in words and images was super freeing. I know the Periscope thing is huge now, but it’s just not my strength – and that’s okay! 🙂

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