Try these tools when you need to balance your moods

Try these tools when you need to balance your moods

A few weeks ago, I got very sick. I was out of commission for a week with a cold that wouldn’t go away. It was not a fun way to spend the first few glorious sunny days after a long snowy winter.

But I blame myself, in part. I went out in my summer clothes in the midst of winter. (Now, this is rather a typical Coloradan thing to do, and I wasn’t the only one around in flip flops already!) Yet, despite the tricky sun coming out to play – it’s still very much wintry temperatures out here.

Yes, spring is coming, but it ain’t here fully yet!

Just like a runner who starts training too soon after recovering from an injury, I pushed the envelope too fast too soon and got my butt kicked for it. This happens more often than we like to admit I think. Impatient with being sick, or cooped up inside for weeks, or not feeling 100% ourselves, we try to get back to your normal routines before we’re really ready.

So when you need a gentle helper in keeping a harmonious balance mentally or emotionally try these two to


brazilian-amethystSure, I may be a bit prejudiced in thinking that amethyst is the best crystal since it is my birth stone, but it really is one of the most popular and helpful of the crystal world. It works on all planes (emotional, spiritual and physical) and brings balance, patience and peace.

Amethyst is a calming stone that’s a great all around healer.

It can also help with stabilizing emotions and developing inner strength. It supports you in staying grounded in your beliefs but also connecting to your intuition and trusting your gut. Amethyst is common in jewelry as well as in tumbled forms. The most beautiful form, to my mind, is in its natural geode state.

Whatever form it comes in, keep it close to you when you’re feeling off-balanced or anxious. I wear an amethyst ring nearly constantly and one of my favorite necklaces is an amethyst in druzy (unpolished) style. Rub the amethyst when you when an extra boost of calming and visualize a white light surrounding you, keeping you safe and clearing away your stress.

Geranium oil

Gernaium_lgAnother great tool to help keep you balanced in heart and mind is geranium essential oil. One of my favorite parts of spring is watching all the beautiful flowers coming out to bloom. Geranium is such a happy looking flower, how could its oil not be helpful? 🙂

Geranium helps you stay focused mentally when you feel scattered. It helps to clarify thoughts and put things in order. Emotionally, geranium helps to balance out of whack or chaotic emotions. It’s a great help when going through transitions and transformations.

Like amethyst, it’s protective as well as healing, keeping negativity at bay while you work to bring in positive vibes.

Depending on the grade of oil you have, you can burn in the oil in a diffuser and smell the lovely fragrance. If you have higher grades, you can dab a little on your skin. I prefer behind the ears and at the wrists, but wherever you feel you want to put it is good. If you find you have skin sensitivities, stop using the oil immediately! Balance won’t come if you’re getting a rash instead.

The key to keep balanced emotionally and mentally is to always be gentle with yourself. Some days you may be able to rock it out like a boss and get all your tasks accomplished. Other days, it may be a huge feat just to dress and get breakfast. If that’s the case, remember that all things are temporary, the highs and the lows. But using these tools will help keeping those highs and lows from becoming a vast chasm.

Your turn – what tools do you use to stay balancing? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Try these tools when you need to balance your moods

  1. I love amethyst! It’s so useful for many different things. Haven’t tried Geranium oil but it sounds delightful!

    Wayfaring Wanderer

    • Dacia Dyer

      Amethyst is definitely my favorite too! I love all the soft flower oils like geranium, rose, lavender, etc. 🙂

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