Surviving vs. Thriving and Why it Matters

Day 30 of Write31Days:

surviving vs thrivingAs you can probably tell from another recent post about dreams – I’m a big fan of going after them. And the reason for that is evident in this quote by the American master of wit and wisdom, Mark Twain. It’s so true in its simplicity that you can stay alive without dreams, but it’s not really living. Instead, you become a robot-like creature that moves from one day to the next without any true desire to keep going. That’s at least how I felt for years after I let go of my last dream.

For a long while I continued to exist and survive physically. But all the passion and purpose had drained out of my life and I was left feeling more lost an empty than Wall-E on his search to find Eve. It may seem silly, but he’s a prime example of going for your dreams. Once he had found his robot-soul-mate he couldn’t go back to the days of slowly picking up the earth’s mess all alone. He needed his Eve to truly live. And he wouldn’t give up his dream of being with her.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that being in a relationship is the answer to everything. Just trying to demonstrate the difference between surviving and thriving. Yes, you can get by just going to work and spending time with loved ones on the weekend. But you won’t truly be enjoying your life without conscious effort to do so. So choose to live consciously. With passion and purpose. Don’t just exist. When you look back on your life, do you want people to say you existed well or lived well?

What dreams have you left behind in the course of growing up? What lights your fire and keeps you thriving?

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