Springtime and new growth – The Birth of SpirWitchuality

birth of spirwitchuality

When I was little, I loved created graphics using Print Shop. (Anyone remember that oldie but goodie?) For a few years I would print out homemade calendars and color them in on New Year’s Eve in a solid, yet still unsuccessful attempt at staying up to midnight.

There was one graphic that I kept for many years, lasting on my wall all the way through high school. It was of a little rose in a vase. This time I didn’t color it in, but left the dark black outline to contrast against the white page. Then in pencil I wrote:

To: Heaven
From: Dacia

Yes. I gave heaven a printed out clipart rose. I’m such a sweetheart. <3

I tell you this story not to boast about my cuteness as a child (though I was damn cute!) or to brag about my mad computer skills even back in elementary school, though they were pretty mad for the time. No, I’m telling you so you understand that spirituality ran deep for me even then.

I’ve always been connected to divinity and found ways in my life to express it, even as a young child.

Some paths seemed more natural than others. For instance, I knew when I was young that I’ve lived many lives. It was clear to me that my soul was much older than my little body. I was also intuitively drawn to the tarot and thus my aunt gave me my first tarot deck when I was 14.

Then there were some paths that didn’t seem to fit all that well. I went to Catholic mass for several years, was very involved in the choir and even when to a Christian summer camp. (I have to say that the adult summer camp I went to last year was much more exciting, but that’s probably because we had happy hour every night.) Although I loved the ceremony and ritual of Catholicism, I couldn’t get behind the doom and gloom, sin and evil part of it all.

So I melded my natural inclinations and beliefs with whatever I found that resonated with me through the years, be it the story of the Good Samaritan or the tale of Buddha’s enlightenment and peace loving principles. Eventually, I came to claim Wicca as my predominant spiritual practice, though I still mix it up with anything that fills me with divine wonder.

And what does all this mean to you? Why am I blathering on like this? Because, just as spring is beginning to peek it’s head out, my business is blooming and growing into its fullest expression.

I’m so pleased to announce the birth of SpirWitchuality! The home for alternative spiritual exploration.

SpirWitchuality is my term for discovering and living a spiritual life in harmony with “witchy” principles. Such as a respect for nature, communion with divinity on your terms, opening up to guidance by the universal powers and trusting your own intuition and inner knowing.

It’s become increasingly evident lately that all things “woo-woo” are being more widely explored and all sorts of people are turning to new age-y ways to help deal with the modern day stresses of the world. I’m thrilled to see this trend and can’t wait to help all those spiritual seekers find the truths that resonant with them best.

I have great plans for upcoming classes, freebies and workshops, oh my! Lots will be unfolding as the year progresses, so keep an eye out for updates. And if you’d like to find out more about my services now, come on over here and read more! Until then, love and light to you all!

Oh, and don’t worry, I’m not going to go too crazy like this new age sister. 🙂

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Yay!! You're all set!

2 thoughts on “Springtime and new growth – The Birth of SpirWitchuality

  1. Liz

    LOVE that video! It was hilarious. So many great things coming for you, Dacia. Can’t wait to see what else you do!

    • Dacia Dyer

      Thanks Liz! I appreciate all your support. <3 I'm excited to see what happens next too! 🙂

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