Simple Spells to calm your heart and clear your mind

Continuing on with the spring cleaning theme, we’re going to look at a rather unique way of clearing out emotional and mental clutter in your life.

Sometimes life becomes too overwhelming or a sucky situation doesn’t seem to want to end. I believe we’re never given a challenge that we cannot overcome. However every now and then something happens and you just want to toss in the towel and say, “That’s it! I’m over it. I’m done with this game.”

We all need a little help sometimes – Turn to the universe for support

I started praying when I was 10 years old and haven’t stopped since. Though my methods may have changed a bit, I still seek out guidance and support. In addition to nightly prayers I occasionally need a little extra boost. During those times, I turn to spells to help me get over the hurdle.

Spells get a bad rap but they are just prayers that rhyme

I was a huge fan of the tv show Charmed. I totally wanted to be one of the charmed ones, though maybe with less demon fighting. 🙂 What I loved about it though was how words were often more powerful then centuries old warlocks and demons. A few rhymes here, some candles there and then poof! Victory!!

Obviously spells in the real world don’t work quite that effectively and hopefully you don’t need them in a life or death situation, but I’ve found a few spells are super helpful in at least changing my present state and allowing me to face my demons on my own.

For instance, when I was working in a pretty toxic office environment, I’d come home and be completely drained. I couldn’t think straight or enjoy my free time in any real quality way. So I came up with a few simple spells to help clear away all the sh*t of the workplace and let me get back to myself.

I’ve finally put these spells together in a downloadable ebook, but I wanted to highlight one for you here. The spell below I use in the shower and say it while the water runs over me, imagining that it cleanses not just my body, but my heart and mind too. After saying this little ditty, I would get out of the shower and feel refreshed all around! No more sluggishness and despair, but feelings of hope and lightness appeared. Try it for yourself!

Shower cleansing spell

Mother Goddess,clapping hands in the rain
Father God,
Wash away all the _____________ (fear, pain, stress, frustration, etc.) of the day.
Let this water cleanse me,
Let your light refresh me.
Fill my heart with ______________ (joy, hope, strength, clarity, etc.),
So I may face the challenges before me.
With grateful heart and open mind,
Wash away all energy that binds.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. When you need a little extra support try a spell to ask the divine to get your back. I bet you’ll feel better and if nothing else, it’s a great placebo effect and you’ll realize you have all you need to succeed already. I hope the spell helps you as much as it did me!

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Yay!! You're all set!

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