Releasing Negativity from your life

Negativity Releasing RitualHi, this is Dacia from SpirWitchaulity and today we’re starting a series of videos about rituals and ceremonies to help you create your best life. Some of them will be about releasing negative energy and some of them will be about creating positive outcomes. It’s good to have a balance of both because you can’t create something without first having to destroy or let go of something. So we’re going to try and balance them out with different things.

Today, the first video we’re going to do is about releasing negativity!

Check out the video below and the transcript following.


Now I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself lately for various reasons and I’ve been hearing a lot of negative self-chatter. It’s getting to the point where it’s driving me crazy, so I decided I needed a little extra boost and I’m going to do a negativity releasing ritual.

My favorite one to do is with incense. This is a very simple and quick ritual. It doesn’t take much longer than a few minutes and all you need is a couple tools.

Step 1: Gather supplies

First, what we need is the incense. I have all these different scents here. We have orange, jasmine and rose. And then of course we need a lighter for the incense. And then you’ll need a fire proof bowl or cauldron to keep the ashes in.

If you can do this outside that’s even better but it’s a little bit hot outside and I don’t feel like going outside right now. I want to stay in the cool air conditioning. 

What I’m going to do is to choose the rose incense today because I’m going to be releasing a lot of things but I also want to do it in a compassionate, caring way. I want to bring in the softness of the rose and give myself that gentle nudge and push to release all that negative self-talk going on. So get out your incense stick.

It’s also a good idea before you begin any ritual or ceremony to ground yourself.

Taking a few moments to center your energy, to connect with the earth, to clear your mind. To pull yourself into this moment. I’ve sat here for a while thinking about my intentions and what I want to do for today. And now I’m ready to begin the actual ritual.

Step 2: Focus your energy and begin releasing

What we do is take the incense stick and we’ll use this as an avatar of our internal whatever it is we want to release. I’m going to just focus on this stick for a while and put all of my energy, all of the negative talk and all of the gunk clogging up my energy into this stick and externalize it.
We’re going to take all of that energy and put it into the incense so that when we burn this, we’re actually releasing all the things that were inside of us.

Sometime later…

Now that we’ve done that, we’ve charged the incense stick with all that we want to let go of. In my case, it’s the negative self-talk. Go ahead and position it over the fire proof dish and what then light it.

I like to keep it tilted a little bit to help it burn. It usually does burn pretty fast because we have charged it with a lot of energy, but I like to just help it along.
You can also just put it in an incense holder if you have one. I have one over here just in case. As it burns, imagine all of whatever you’ve put into the stick burn away.

You can even say, “I release you. I release you. I release you. I release all that no longer serves my higher purpose from my life right now.”

It’s also very soothing and meditative to watch the fire burn. And that’s really why I like the fire rituals and ceremonies because it’s such an interesting element. It’s a destructive element but also a creative element as well.

When it gets to the end of the stick, go ahead and put it in the fire proof dish or cauldron and let the energy be gone!

Step 3: Invite in positive energy

Since we have released a lot of things, it’s a good idea to invite in positive energy just to make sure you’re not an open void for anything to come in and attach on to you. It’s always good to imagine a beautiful white light surrounding you of positivity and inviting all the good things that are serving your higher purpose in the world and universe into your life now that we’ve released the negative things.

And that’s the end of the ceremony! Very simple and quick. You can do it as many times as you have incense sticks or as many times as you feel is necessary. I think I’m good for now, but I may do it again later.

This is something you can do at any point and almost any place, as long as you have the fire safe tools and you’re in a healthy grounded space.

Try this simple ritual today and let me know in the comments below how it goes for you!

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Yay!! You're all set!

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