Reclaim Your Gutsy Girl-ness

Gutsy girl

A few months ago I was reading over the “The Gutsy Girl’s Guide to Success”, from Molly Mahar of Stratejoy and listening to the radio. Suddenly I registered what song was on – it was Rihanna’s “Right now”. When I finally tuned in I heard “Tomorrow way too far away, And we can’t get back yesterday, But we young right now, We got right now, So get up right now, Cause all we got is Right Now”. It was one of those moments I know the universe is giving me a little kick in the pants.

See, when I graduated from college at 23 with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree (slight bit overachiever, yes) many of my friends went straight off to get their careers started so they could pay off all those pesky loans they had accumulated. With two degrees already I also had tons of loans, so what did I decide to do? Move to London of course! Without any contacts or job prospects, I got a 6 month work visa and bought a one-way ticket. It was my first big Gutsy Girl move and it was a-MA-zing!

When my work visa ended there, I took another journey east to teach English in Ukraine. This time I took a flight and hopped a train by myself to make my home there for 5 months. After those grand adventures, life kind of took over. I couldn’t defer my loans any longer so I had to get one of those “real jobs” that pays the bills and start working on all that grown-up jive. Several years of the kind of life where you only live to work, worn me down to a terrible kind of survival mode.

But this year is different, as I mentioned in my last post. I’m emerging from my cocoon of survival to become the beautiful butterfly form of my middle-thirties. I’m Reclaiming my Gutsy-Girl-ness and so can you!

My problem really began when I started to buy in to all that talk that the “real world” had rules and you need to follow them in order to get anywhere. Kind of like that old board game LIFE, where you had a certain couple paths you could take and you couldn’t really veer off them after you choose. There was college, job, marriage, kids; all piling in to that little (pink or blue!) car. Wow. How symbolic is that?!

Well now even that old board game got a revamp and there are other paths you can take. Don’t want to go to college? No problem! Take a gap year to explore the world. Don’t want a heterosexual marriage? Easy-peasy, have a same-sex marriage instead! The world has most definitely changed since my parent’s and grandparent’s generation. It’s cliché for sure, but cliché for a reason. Somewhere along the line, I got lost on the path to my own personal success and joy but no longer.

I’ve come out of the dark and reclaiming my light again. I can’t say I’m moving back to Europe for my third time yet, but by starting my own business I’m venturing out on a path that’s all my own and embarking on a journey no less terrifying and excited as traveling across Eastern Europe by train (remind me to tell you about the interesting border crossings).

What about you? What are you doing to reclaim your Gutsy Girl-ness? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Gutsy Girl-ness

  1. Privet Dacia! I ended up here through Sage Grayson’s site : )

    Where in Ukraine did you live? Did you enjoy it? Do you think you’ll ever go back? I lived in Kharkiv as an English teacher and loved it there!! We left last year- moved to the US- and I’m still feeling a little bit lost in the “real world”.

    • Dacia Dyer

      Privet Katerina! 🙂

      I lived in Kharkov as well in the summer of 2005, teaching English as well! I enjoyed the people, but the life was hard for me at the time. I would love to go back and visit and hope all my friends there are safe now. How long were you there for? I totally understand feeling lost after returning “home”.

      • Dacia Dyer

        Privet Dacia! We were there for almost 3 years. I worry about my friends there too 🙁 So far everyone is okay… a lot of the under-30s have moved abroad and the over-30s are hunkering down with their families and hoping for the best.

        I thought you might like to see some pictures from last week in Gorky Park- They remodeled the park in 2012 so it probably looks nicer than the Gorky Park you remember! 🙂

        Keep up the awesomeness!!

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