Rave Reviews

Cassie Evee


I was struggling with where I was in life with my career. I learned clarity on where I was in my career and how my past and present coincided with each other. I learned about my fears and hopes which helped me to deal with where I want to be in the future.My favorite part was how accurate and insightful she was! She was spot on with what I asked about and it was extremely helpful to get that point of view.Working with Dacia was great! She’s so easy to talk to and work with. She’s amazingly perceptive and incredible with tarot. Thank you! I still think about my tarot reading! It was extremely helpful and amazing to see that perspective through the tarot and you. So thank you! – Cassie

Brigitta Kalmar


“I was at a crossroad in my life. Although I knew which path to take, I needed some validation and support. I learned that I`m on the right path and just have to keep doing what I`m doing. My favorite part was to express my worries and get such good feedback – that gave me hope and strength to continue. Working with Dacia has been great. She is kind and insightful.” – Brigitta

Erin Anacker


“Before my reading with Dacia I was really skeptical of Tarot readings. However, I went in with an open mind and open heart to see where she would lead me. When she read through each card and it’s meaning, I was so intrigued and surprised at how closely related these were to my situation. I learned that if you approach something with openness, you can always gain something valuable from it. Dacia is so present and caring. I really enjoyed going through this process with her!” – Erin

Betsy Pike


“My Tarot card reading with Dacia was both helpful and insightful; she took the time to explain what each card meant, and I found each one relevant for current circumstances in my life. I will definitely follow-up with her for another reading to monitor my progress, once I’ve worked on some of the issues that the cards revealed. Dacia’s use of Tarot card readings in her coaching business is a unique asset that I would encourage anybody to take advantage of when they’re looking for insight.” – Betsy


“Before working with Dacia, I had just found out I didn’t get a promotion I worked very hard for. I was a bit disappointed, but still in a pretty good place about it. I still wondered if I was on the right path professionally and personally. I learned that I’m pursuing exactly what I should be, and that my heart will guide me in the right direction if I ever decide to pursue something else or something new. My favorite part was the first card that accidentally fell out. I believe it was the star. It meant that my dreams, no matter how big, are still valid and can still come true. The fact that it fell out by accident, and meant something so hopeful, warmed my heart. Working with Dacia I felt so at ease. She has a wonderful, peaceful, open energy. Getting my cards read was a new experience for me, and she made it so enjoyable”. – Megan

grassy meadow


“I was new to readings before working with Dacia so I had no idea what to expect. Dacia’s relaxed and confident demeanor put me at ease and allowed me to feel more open to the message being delivered. I was blown away by how “spot on” the reading was and how much clarity it provided as I approach my area of focus head-on. I would definitely recommend Dacia to anyone wanting a unique approach to a life question.” – Leigh

Michelle Seymour

“Before working with Dacia I was struggling with conflict in my immediate family after my Dad’s sudden death. I learned that my instincts were correct, and that I need to follow my heart and trust my intuition to guide me. My favorite part was how beautiful the cards were, and how Dacia was able to tie in the symbolic meaning of the goddesses with how they apply to my situation. Working with Dacia was easy – she is personable and approachable, and eager to share her gifts openly.” – Michelle

Lauren the animal

“Before working with Dacia, I was having trouble identifying what was holding me back from feeling comfortable in my own skin, even though my career, home, and love are all fantastic. I constantly felt plagued by the feeling that something was wrong, and it kept me on edge when I should have been relaxed and enjoying my life. I learned that I have been internalizing a lot of judgment from my past, and replaying those difficult words and situations over and over in my head. I learned that I need to release the judgement if I want to move forward with building my life. My favorite part was the clarity and validation the reading provided me! It felt like a light bulb was switched on and suddenly I had some important answers. Working with Dacia was excellent! She has a calming, knowing presence. Although I was excited and a little nervous about the reading, she very quickly put me at ease. She took care and time to explain things, she was patient with me when I burst into (happy!) tears, and at the end of the reading she asked me follow-up questions to ensure that I took as much out of my reading as possible. I think everyone should have a reading done!” – Lauren

Sarah Hague

“My favorite part was how Dacia didn’t just interpret the individual cards for me, she summarized them into a complete picture and then explained the different paths that were showing up for me. It was like she had known me for years and deeply understood what I was struggling with even though we had just met. I found a ton of clarity and empowerment from my reading.” – Sarah

leaves and reflections


“Before working with Dacia I had done a lot of work on my personal growth and my career. I had just begun re-focusing on my romantic relationships. I learned that all my previous work on myself has set a really strong foundation for my future! My favorite part was the initial cards! The cards were right on. My friend watching even said the first cards were so spot on, it almost brought her to tears. Dacia was focused, insightful, and very open to answering my questions.” – Diana


Maureen Lucy“Tarot cards hold an alluring, mysterious appeal. Ahhhh, who doesn’t love trying to solve the mystery of their life? A silk scarf and beautiful cards add to the mystique. Couple that mystique with a gal who wants to see her clients define their own success, and you have Dacia. Immediately after meeting Dacia at Stratejoy Summer Camp, I felt a kinship and could sense that she genuinely wanted to use her gifts to help others become more attune with their needs and goals. At the time of our first meeting, I was on a personal quest rediscovering how much I craved adventure and loved traveling solo. I wasn’t on the brink of any major life crisis, I was happy in my marriage and feeling confident in my parenting abilities. But I was needing direction, and Dacia’s clear and reflective reading helped me to hone in on what risks I should be taking. Three months passed after my first reading, and I was still curious.


My curiosity and fascination with her gift prompted me to reach out. I loved that Dacia allowed me to be skeptical. I loved that she didn’t pry prior to her readings. I loved how authentic our conversations were. Analyzing my cards, reflecting on my current feelings and situations, and helping me assess how to stay accountable were all part of my experience with this lovely lady. I found her knowledge both interesting and applicable. The awareness, and the honest discussion that took place helped energize me so that my daily practice of self care was more purposeful. I so appreciated the fresh outlook and listening ear that Dacia provided.” – Maureen

ALPLX9788Q“Dacia has an AMAZING gift of being able to read cards and translate your energy/situation all while delivering the the reading in such a compassionate way.  I was beyond fortunate to have gone to a summer camp where Dacia was reading cards and reluctantly, I signed up.  When I sat down for the reading, I was instantly put at ease but Dacia and her calming manner.  As the cards came out and the insight was shared – I was so deeply moved by the accuracy of the reading.  Even when my areas of opportunity came up ( I was worrying too much and needed to calm those thoughts), Dacia shared the insight with compassion, empathy and optimism.  I left my reading feeling empowered and so very grateful that life had brought me into reach of Dacia and that I was brave enough to have her read my cards.   If you get the chance to have Dacia read your cards – do it.  You will not be disappointed.  It was one of the best presents I gave myself last year and I would bet that it will be for you as well.” – Mindy

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