Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner – I’m Going to Summer Camp!!

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner – I’m Going

As you’re reading this I may be swimming in a lake, making friendship bracelets or playing Red Rover with other grown-ass adult women. Yes, I am in my mid-30s and I’m at summer camp!! (Which apparently is a new and popular trend.) I’m enjoying a summer vacation with others from the Stratejoy tribe down in Asheville, NC. And I’m sure I’m having a blast!!

In my last post, I waxed poetic about the importance of taking time to appreciate every moment in life. Just as much as being present in the moment ups your awareness and enjoyment of life, so too does the act of celebrating said moment. For instance, I get crazy excited when I receive a package – I almost do a little dance. 😉 So, this week I’m reminding you to pay attention to the flip-side of gratitude practices, which is Celebration!

We humans love any reason to party! I remember my college boyfriend had a poster in his room that had a party-having excuse for every day of the year. I can’t say he partied that hard, but it definitely helped when he did want to let loose. In fact, sometimes we don’t even need any reason at all – and that’s fine too.

I just finished reading a thrilling novel in which the heroes often narrowly avoided death and the tradition they soon adopted was to get a “glad you’re not dead!” cake. Now, I’m not suggesting you wait until a near death experience to bust out the candles and cake dishes. But finding little ways to celebrate this crazy journey called life will make you not only happier but enrich the experience for all around.

Say your kid comes home from school and they have read a full book by themselves – shout from the rooftops! Or you dog finally figures out how to sit and stay for more than half a second – give that pup the treat of his life! And for you – you have an exceptional hair day – take a picture and show off on Facebook or take yourself out for a celebratory coffee.

It’s not enough to simply appreciate the moment, we also need to recognize how blessed we are from the little things to the big events in life. So the next time you paint your nails and don’t mess up once… go show everyone you know and rejoice in your achievement – you earned it! Just as I earned this mini-break to Asheville. Be sure to check in again next week for pictures from what is to be an absurdly gloriously fun trip! 😛

How do you celebrate your highs? What small thing made you so ridiculously deliriously happy that you had to inform ALL your friends and family about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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Yay!! You're all set!

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