Learning to be kind to yourself

Day 14 of Write31Days:

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” – Max Ehrmann

Learning to be kind to yourself

Ever had a day where all your grand plans and good intentions go down the drain faster than a dead goldfish? You already picked out your clothes the night before, they’re waiting on the chair next to the closet. You made your kids lunch and it’s packed ready to go, along with her show and tell panda bear which is sitting right next to the garage door. You’re sure tomorrow will all go smoothly. Then the alarm rings. And you miss it. Three times.

Now, your daughter is late for school and in your rush to get her there you spill coffee all over your cute new dress. Not only that, but you forget the lunch and have to turn around for home about half way to the school. However, you completely forget the show and tell panda and just pray they did that during the time she missed. You feel Awful. Like the worst parent EVER. Sure that your kid will be telling this story to her therapist as yet another example of your terrible mothering skills.

But let’s back up and look at the whole picture here. You were up late, helping to get your daughter’s poster completed for the big project this week. And you still had to do the laundry, clean up the kitchen and get your own self ready for the huge client presentation (which may mean a promotion) on Friday. You slept terribly and have been exhausted for so long you can’t remember what it feels like to be energized. Imagine if your best friend told you the story above. Would you berate her as the worst mom on the planet? Or would you gently suggest she maybe has too much on her plate and to go easy on herself for doing the best she can?

I’m guessing you’d go with the latter. We’re often so much more gentle on others than ourselves. The bar for our behavior is Olympic pole vault height, but for loved ones, it’s more balance beam level. Why do we try going easier on ourselves and learn to be as kind to ourselves as we would anyone else. This quote is here to remind you of that. That you are a child of the stars and worthy of all the love, care and attention as everyone and everything else on the earth.

So how will you be kind to yourself this week? Where can you cut yourself some slack in the noisy confusion of your life?

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