Leaning into fear to build the life you want

Last week I traveled to a new-to-me place.. Orlando, Florida. I was there because of the Life Editors Academy – my yearlong mastermind group. It was our first ever retreat! At last I was able to meet live, in person with all the lovely ladies I’d been working with through Facebook and group calls. It was three days of jam-packed dreaming, planning and laughing!

I’d never been to Florida before and although I didn’t get to go to Disney World this time around, I did go shopping at Disney Springs center. Like most of my generation, I grew up with Disney films. (The Little Mermaid was the Frozen of my day.)

20160121_112317It was a great treat to go to the place where much of my familiar childhood films live in reality. Not to mention the plethora of cute little toys, clothes and handbags… I already started on my Christmas list! 😉 However, this trip was more than just a welcome break from the Colorado winter. Like I said, it was a lot of planning for this year.

You know… the year for me to TRANSCEND and become more than I’ve ever been before.

I have to admit, when you’re conspiring with 8 other amazing women, all with their own stories and big visions, it generates a lot of energy. I feel so jazzed up right now I’m about ready to take off! Although I’m very glad I’m done flying for a while. I forgot it actually takes a lot out of you to just sit on an airplane for a few hours.

But back to the retreat… It was just the thing I needed to get myself together and focusing on my big goals this year. There will be some amazing new stuff that I’ll be rolling out to you all within the next month. So keep an eye out! But for now I’ll just recap my time in ‘gator country and leave it at that for now.

pool at retreat houseSome of the highlights of the trip were watching Inside Out – a very cool movie! And finally watching The Secret. I’m not sure how I never saw that before! Also a very moving and life changing film, and with nearly as much crazy animation. 🙂 Beyond the downtime with some movies and chilly dips into the pool, we also made some crafts! We made vision boards (mine is still in progress…) and painted gratitude rocks.

My all time favorite part though was the great company and life altering meals we shared.

We had our very own personaLEA sistersl chef/yoga instructor and I’m not convinced that she was an angel sent down from heaven to us! I can’t remember the last time I ate so well. I miss you already Heather! <3

I wasn’t the only one wishing heather would come back and be their live-in chef. All my academy sisters felt the same. And that’s not the only thing we shared. Coming from diverse locations like Nova Scotia and Tennessee, we all clicked together wonderfully!

Realizing that our surface differences were just that, we shared our similar visions and deepest fears. Though our backgrounds, experience and dreams may be different, our determination to reach them all shines through the same.

And I know that the journey to our goals will be much easier because of the support of these beautiful, soulful businesswomen.

All in all, it was a blast of a trip! Too short by far but also just enough to light the fire under me that I’ve been needing. So to end my homage to the Life Editors Academy, here’s a little video to show off my time there. (More pictures and videos of the retreat to come soon!)


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3 thoughts on “Leaning into fear to build the life you want

  1. I’m so excited to see what you have in store for 2016, Dacia! 🙂

    • Dacia Dyer

      Me too!! Thanks for all your amazing advice and support through last year. I’m very excited to make 2016 a million times more awesome! 🙂

  2. That looks like so much fun, Dacia 😀 What an inspiring group of people to spend time with!

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