It’s all in your head – How to keep a positive mindset

It's all in your head - How to keep a positive mindset

For the past year I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my mindset. First, by observing where it was at and then by altering it step by step.

It was because I realized that my mind was stuck in a lot of negative loops that I finally decided to quit my day job. I couldn’t continue going to a workplace where I constantly felt on edge, nervous and downright angry at the world.

Since then I’ve been working on cultivating a mindset of positivity – even in the face of hardships. This is something I’ve done well throughout my life naturally but now I’m giving it a lot more conscious thought.

And that brings up to our next round of…

What I’m reading this week:

41uBjzfpphL._SL250_The Dip: A little book that teachers you when to quit (and when to stick), by Seth Godin

This was another impulse pickup from the library. I liked the front cover and subtitle and the quick read of less than 100 pages wasn’t a bad endorsement either.

However, as I got further along with this little book, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated by the author’s premise.

I’m not against the overall view of needing to stick through some dips while quitting others (the basic thesis here). But the way in which he was setting about proving his point was much to harsh for my tastes.

There was a lot of talk of scarcity and competition and working hard to become #1. Again, I don’t have a problem per se with any of that, but I am not a competitive person by nature and I’ve been working a lot on combating the “scarcity mindset” of late, so I didn’t want to fall back into that thinking.

In the end, I took the author’s advice and actually quit reading this book halfway through. GASP!!

I will admit… that was a hard step for me as an avid reader, however since I wasn’t getting a lot of value out of the book, I decided to quit this “dip” and cut my loses.

So I guess I did get something out of the book after all. 🙂


Infinite Possibilities The Art of Living Your Dreams, by Mike Dooley

Now this book and author are definitely more my jam. Since I first heard of Mike Dooley of the “Notes from the Universe” and “The Secret” fame, only a few month ago, I’ve been catching up on all I can. This is the first book of his I’ve read and I’m taking my time with it, getting all the wisdom out as I can.

Though this book and The Dip, have basically the same message of crafting the life you want, they go about it in vastly different ways. Whereas the The Dip is all about scarcity (from what I read), Infinite Possibilities is about literally unlimited abundance for all.

I was hooked from the first words of the introduction and though I’m still working my way through this book, I find it much more uplifting and hopeful than Seth Godin’s view of the world.

Rather than focusing on the competition and scarcity, this book is all about owning your inner magic and creating, first in the mind and then in reality, the life of your dreams. And anyone can do it, not just the #1s of the world.

A much happier mindset to focus on I think!

For that reason I highly recommend you check out Infinite Possibilities and Mike Dooley’s other work. He’s a great inspiration to me and one I would willingly follow into the mysteries of time and space any day.

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