Finding Quiet in a Busy World: 4 Ways to Give your Brain a Break

Find quiet

Sometimes the world is just overwhelming. Our modern society with all its convenient technological advances is certainly wonderful when we want to connect with friends and family scattered all over. Or collaborate with colleagues in different corners of the earth. However all these constant connections and interactions can leave little time to center and quiet oneself. It seems like we’re in a nonstop state of information overload and I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode from everything that’s running through my head. From to do lists to late night Pinterest scrolling, there’s has to come a time to just stop – put it all aside – and clear out my mind.

So here are 6 ways to do just that. Beyond the obvious unplug and walk away avenue, these are some quick ways to pull your head out of the virtual cloud and plant your feet back on the earth.


Of course everyone recommends meditating to center yourself and calm the mind. For too many of us this seems like the most daunting and thus inaccessible way to ground and center. However, meditation is no more than focusing on one thing, usually your breath. A lack of focus is a sad byproduct of all our amazing technological advancements. But I challenge ANYONE that they can focus on their breath for at least one minute. Try it. I dare you. I bet you’ll feel even a smidgen calmer. And if one minute can do that, imagine working up to 5, 10 or even 30 minutes!

Leisurely walk

This is one of my particular favorites as I live in a beautiful place for walking and hiking. The walk doesn’t have to take you far or up a mountain (unless you want it too). Just around the block is enough to clear out your head of all the swirling thoughts that usually demand your attention. If you have a friend or furry companion, it’s even better! Call up a girlfriend and have your usual gossip time on the move, or give Fido a huge treat and take them to the local park for some quality time. You’ll quiet your mind and have fun with one you love.

Stop and listen to nature

Along the lines of strolling along, is taking a brief moment to listen to Mother Nature. Nothing grounds you better than listening to the earth itself. You can do this on your walk, or even just open a window where you are and see how many sounds you can identify. Do all the birds sound the same? Can you hear the wind rustling leaves? And if you’re in the city, listen to the cacophony that is the fascinating hustle and bustle that is urban living. This can be another kind of meditation.

Laughing, aka watch cat videos!

And finally, my absolute favorite – laughter. Find something that tickles your funny bone. This can be anything from reading a Buzzfeed article to looking over some DYAC, or my go-to for hilarity – cat memes and videos. Any animal really, but I’m a cat lover and I think they’re the best at ridiculous antics. Right now though I’m obsessed with this hilarious dog who’s really pissed he had to have a bath. It’s best to put a time limit on this one, or else you could go down another rabbit hole of information overload in a totally different vein.

Whichever you choose, just take a few minutes out of your busy day to reset your mind. This will help you not only get through the rest of your enormous to do list, but it’ll also keep you focused on what’s important in life – living it. Yes, it’s great to read all the most recent updates on your friends from middle school or to find the absolute perfect recipe for guacamole, but in the end you’re disconnecting from yourself and your world more than connecting with it. So take a breath, go for a walk and come back with fresh eyes and a quiet mind.

What do you do to reduce information overload? What calms your mind the most? Leave me a comment below with your suggestions!

And just because I cant resist… here’s the angry bath dog. Haha, kills me every time.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Quiet in a Busy World: 4 Ways to Give your Brain a Break

  1. Great tips for taking brain breaks. I love taking walks. Since I own a dog, I have a built in reminder to put on my shoes and head out for a walk each day.

    Another thing I love to do (which I don’t do much of anymore since we are in a drought here in California) is take a shower. Something about spending a few moments under the hot water helps me relax and opens my mind to be more creative.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    • Dacia Dyer

      Thanks Jennifer! That’s the one problem with having a cat… you don’t get the automatic walking partner. Instead I end up taking maybe too many naps because he makes them look so good!! 😛

      I love taking long showers too, or more recently nice luxurious baths with candles and soft music. Fantastic way to release tension from the day.

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