Coming out of Hibernation

I’ve lived in my new apartment for almost a year now, but it was only perhaps two months ago that I learned of the nearest library to my home. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but wherever I’ve lived I’ve always learned 3 things… where the nearest library is (and how I get a card), where the nearest yarn store is, and where the nearest café or Starbucks is.

These are three very important landmarks for me to orient myself and my life. For me to not know where one of those is for so long is quite telling. It tells of how I have been living my life of late – in isolation and without much learning.

When I was living in England, a friend of mine came to visit from the US. As we traveled the English countryside, touring around the Cotswolds, we saw of course the rolling green hills. I noticed a few of the hills were not so green and wondering out loud what happened to them. My friend told me that the farmers must be letting the fields go fallow for a season, so they could rejuvenate the land. It’s like a hibernation for the earth.

I had no idea what she was talking about, being a total city girl myself, but I always remembered that moment. I later learned that when a field is left fallow, it allows the land time to restore the nutrients depleted by constant farming of a certain kind of crop. Crop rotation is nothing new in agriculture, but it was definitely a novel concept to me. And one in which I realized we humans need to adopt for ourselves too.

Sometimes, we all get overwhelmed with our busy days and overscheduled lives and just need a break from it all. Hopefully that break would be a fantastic vacation to some beautiful resort with plenty of time to unplug from our everyday life. Personally, I’d go here:

Image courtesy of Ian L at
Image courtesy of Ian L at

And sometimes there’s an event or series of events that really throws your whole life for a loop and you end up sitting around thinking “where did I get so off track?” These are the times when we need to allow ourselves to go “fallow” for a bit to rebuild ourselves. I recently came out of such a time in which I had to allow some things to fall by the wayside so I could instead focus on building up my strength and enthusiasm for life again.

Now I’m coming out of my hibernation and finding the local library was a key part in that. I will confess I went a little overboard initially, checking out 10 books at one time (and no, I can’t read that fast!). But now I have my groove again. I am open to what life will bring next, the good times and the hard times. I welcome both with open arms and tell the universe to “Bring it on!” By allowing myself the time and space to be fallow, my soil is back to being rich and ready for growth.

Has there been a time in your life you needed to take time out to rejuvenate yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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