Chemical Reactions and Group Dynamics

Day 2 of Write31Days:

Chemical reactionsFor three years (and beyond), the small group of varied and unique personalities in my Humanities class mingled like a chemical reaction. One of the best parts about this honors program was that we didn’t have tests. Awesome, right?! Hell, yes.

On the other hand, what we did have was group presentations. UGH. Anyone who has ever had to do a group project or presentation will understand the terror that this prospect brings. You would think that it’d make everything easier. Split the work, finish the project then go watch more Real World on MTV. Not so much.

There were long nights of bickering about whose idea was good, better, best! There were early mornings of setting up the coolest posters and sets for brief plays, only to have everything fall on the floor about 20 minutes before your presentation. And of course there were also those pesky group dynamics to work through.

Whenever you have to compromise or make joint decisions, whether that’s at divvying up chores at home with your partner, or planning a project at work with a co-worker or just figuring out a morning carpool schedule, there’s always a little swallowing of the ego that needs to happen. As a hyper-individualized culture, our minds aren’t as trained to think of the groups goals over our own. So the process of turning our dreams and desires into something that isn’t wholly selfish takes some practice.

I can’t say everyone in Humanities learned to work really well with everyone else, but we learned how to work well enough to get the project done. And in the process, we were all transformed.

Now over to you… What relationship(s) have transformed your life? How did you transform the other person’s life?

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2 thoughts on “Chemical Reactions and Group Dynamics

  1. Oooh, I like this quote! Yes, working in a group is VERY different than working on your own. A great group trusts each other and is energized to the same goal. These groups are AWESOME to be a part of. Sometimes friction is involved but if solved really can help bond a group together. But if the trust isn’t there it is nearly impossible to get any kind of cohesiveness.

    • Dacia Dyer

      You hit it on the head! Trust is the key to any group working well together. You have to Know that the other’s will have your back and you have theirs.

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