Celebrating the balance of day and night

Celebrating the balance of day and night

“Spring is in the air!”

You’ve probably been hearing that a lot lately. Maybe it lights you up and gets you excited for all the spring cleaning, planting and generally more energetic activities that warmer weather brings. There are few people who can resist the allure of longer sunnier days and higher temperatures. Even though winter is my favorite season, even I get sick of the constant scraping of snow and ice from the car, all the bulky winter sweaters and the never-ending dinners of soup and root veggies.

When spring comes, I’m ready to get out there and start soaking up the sun and fresh air again!

But there’s more to this season than fluffy bunnies and chocolates coming out the wazoo.

The pagan holiday of Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, marks the day when the sun’s annual trek along the north-south axis reaches its zenith at the Earth’s equator. Although it’s said that the night and day are equally balanced on this day (literally meaning “equal night”, in Latin equi – nox), that’s not true in all parts of the world.

And as I mentioned in a previous post , balance is not always about equal amounts. Life is never fully balanced. It’s more of a tight-rope kind of walk, tilting this way and that. It’s about constantly shifting your weight wherever it needs to be in order to stay on the wire.

In winter our energy was being stored and used in small bits, as needed. Generally winter is about finishing up old work, tying up loose ends, not starting whole new projects. That’s for the springtime when the energy is rising again and new growth comes easier. Now’s the time to begin new endeavors and get the most of the natural cycle of death and rebirth.

So to make the best of this new sun-filled energy, here are five activities to celebrate the coming of spring.

Get out in nature!father daughter walking

In many places in the northern hemisphere, snow is melting, grass is beginning to poke its head up again and birds are making their triumphant return. Now is a great time to get out in the crisp air and experience the return of plants and animals after their winter hibernation. I’m excited to start doing my morning walks again, minus the snow boots and pants! Though it’s still quite chilly in the morning, seeing all the budding life around me makes it worth the brief moments of cold. So go out to the park, take a hike or a field trip to the zoo to watch the babies getting to know the world. Nothing says spring like baby animals! 🙂

Get crafty!

RKVZU56K73Obviously the best known spring craft is painting Easter eggs. This is one of my all-time favorite traditions for sure. But that’s not the only way to bust out the spring creativity. If you’re a gardener, then why not paint your own flower pots? You can get simple ceramic pots at the store and with a little paint and love, create a happy home for your little seedlings. If you’re in a place where you can see dry sidewalks again, maybe it’s time to grab the kids, some chalk and go to town decorating your walkways. Kids have a really hard time with cabin fever, seconded only by their parents. Make the arrival of spring a family affair by heralding the warm weather with some fun outdoors.

Go and get your play time on!AFD3CB0246 

Which leads into tip #3 – go outside and play! Sure you may still need a light jacket (or even heavier one) but as the days have more light, it’s a great time to take advantage of it with some after work playtime with the kids. Break out the bubbles, play a rousing game of tag or hide and seek. There has been some pretty intense wind in my area lately. If you are experiencing similar crazy weather, then get a kite and put it to good use! There’s no better lesson about balance and harmony than trying to keep a kite in the air!

WV6Q25F8ZJTill the soil and start planting!

Spring of course is the time to think about sowing the seeds for new growth. However, planting can take many forms. Sure there’s the usual flower pots to work on and getting the garden ready for the big planting time. But think also about your figurative seeds you want to plant. Has there been some habit you’ve been meaning to start working on? What about that scrapbooking project you keep thinking about doing? Make this the time to start laying down the seeds of new projects and don’t forget to nourish them as you would your physical seeds. Watch them grow throughout the spring and summer so by the time the fall comes, you have real progress to show for your efforts!

NS5Q6MVMZQWho doesn’t love the smell of baking?!

Finally, one of my other favorite traditions in spring is all the holiday breads and cookies. Each family has their own tradition, and my mother used to make Easter bread. Mmmmm… yum! Dust off your bread tins, cookie sheets and bake up some delicious symbols of abundance! This is a great way to show the coming spring that you’ve not only survived the winter, but you’re ready for more growth and abundance to find you! If you have any favorite recipes, teach them to your children and keep the traditions going.

However you celebrate Ostara/Spring Equinox, be sure that you laugh and have fun! Spring itself is like a big joke upon the cold, harsh winter. Yes, winter will come around again but at the end of it we’ll be around to play and rejoice in the energy of rebirth.

You tell me – what are your favorite spring traditions? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating the balance of day and night

  1. Usually, we scrape off the bird nests attached to our house in the Spring. Then the birds come back and build another one (or two)! Initially, it was so we wouldn’t have birds chirping the middles of the night, but since we can get rid of them, might as well make it a Spring thing to do!

    • Dacia Dyer

      That’s interesting Erika! You could always build (or buy) little homes for the birds and put them farther from the house. That way they have a nice home and don’t have to bother you much in the process. I think hearing birds in spring is a lovely reminder of the cycle of nature, but definitely they can get a little too annoying chipper in the AM. 😛

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