Tools for Life – Add light and energy to your day!

Tools for Life - Add light and energy to your day!

Let’s face it… some days are more of a struggle than others. I totally know how that goes.

The alarm comes much too soon, the coffee is not nearly as effective as usual and all you can think about during that never-ending-god-forsaken meeting is how comfortable your bed will be whenever you finally get back to it.

For days like that I turn to a few simple solutions – you guessed it! Time for another edition of Tools for Life, where I give you two simple tools to keep in your belt for those times you need a little extra help.

Today we’re going to add a little light and energy to your life with lemon essential oil and citrine crystal.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that or even guessed that lemon oil is very extremely useful. It’s in everything from cleaning supplied to candles. It’s such a versatile oil you can use it for almost anything. Physical energy boost, mental clarity enhancer and spiritual confidence enhancer. It’s one little oil that definitely packs a punch!W28QPZPAK6

It refreshes and renews the body in almost every way possible. Its antibiotic, antioxidant, antidepressant… pretty much anti anything you want!

Mentally, it clears the clutter and gets you back to focusing. And don’t we all need that?! Emotionally, it aids with raising your mood and boosts self-confidence (thus the antidepressant aspect). Metaphysically it corresponds with your solar plexus chakra – the center of your self-confidence. It connects you to your divine nature and higher consciousness.

It’s such a happy oil that I can’t help feeling uplifted the moment I open the cap.

My favorite use for lemon oil? As a pick me up in the morning before my walk. I just put a drop or two into a glass of water and drink it down. I can feel my mind clearing up and my body detoxifying at the same time. Lemon oil is naturally purifying and aids in digestion.

NOTE: Before ingesting any oil check that it is safe first. Some oils are not for internal consumption, so always check beforehand.

Lemon oil will surely put a spring in your step, so try some today and discover all the amazing benefits yourself! If you’d like to get the oil I use, you can get it here.

And here are some awesome DIY recipes if you already have oil and want to try new ways to use it.

Moving on the next tool that’ll add light and joy to your life, citrine is one happy little stone.

il_570xN.916320735_lra6Citrine is a bright yellow stone that resembles a little sun. It’s known as the “success stone” for the abundance it brings and is also connected to the solar plexus chakra. It clears unwanted or negative energies and can engender hope. Like I mentioned with the selenite last month, citrine doesn’t pick up any negative energy so you never need to cleanse it.

It’s a great stone for meditation, spiritual development and of course building self-confidence. Like lemon oil, it clears mental clutter and helps you focus. It increases creativity and inspiration. And it can also ease depression and self-doubt.

NOTE: I’m not a physician and cannot diagnose you. If you are suffering from severe depression please seek professional assistance.

Like any other crystal, you can use a tumbled (polished) version and carry it in your pocket, hold it in your hand, or there is always lots of wonderful jewelry made with citrine to be found everywhere. One of my favorites is this gorgeous piece from Elemental Origins.

Citrine and lemon go together so well, it was almost like they were created from the same source. And perhaps they were! All I know is that I love both of them for all the benefits they bring and they never cease to amaze me whenever I use them and immediately feel lighter all around.

Try them out today and see what a difference they can make in your life!

2 Ways to Spring Clean your Energy

Today, on the blog, we’re going to do things a bit differently and I’m going to do a video tutorial on two tools I use to cleanse negative energies.

If you’d like to read the full transcript, you can find it below the video.


Ways to Spring Clean your EnergyHi, I’m Dacia Dyer. I am a traveler. A teacher. A writer. A healer. An eternal optimist. I guide women to find their inner wisdom and power, to reconnect to divinity and find their SpirWitchuality.

Energy clearing is a timeless tradition and not as “woo woo” as you may think. It’s basically the same as sterilizing a hospital so that gems don’t infect others. Negative energies are the germs science hasn’t been yet able to describe but they’re no less real.

The first tool I use often is sage.

It’s a common and traditional tool and it smells wonderful! You may have heard of smudging as one way to clear energy. Smudging is really just wafting the smoke of the sage, or any other herb you choose, around an area or person.

I first smudged my home a few years ago. After feeling like no matter how much I cleaned the house still felt dark and heavy, I decided to try to sage everything. The minute I smudged the home, it immediately felt lighter and clear. I’ve been smudging periodically since then.

Now, to smudge, you simple light the end of the sage, or sweet grass, or pine, what-have-you until you get a nice burn. Then let the smoke waft over you or your home, wherever you need to clear. Be sure to get into the corners of a room as well as around the windows or doors, wherever energy can come in and out. Then just tamp out the sage stick in a fireproof dish. That’s it! The simplest and most effective tool to clear out negative energy.

The second tool I use is SeleniteFB_IMG_1459005587557

It’s kind of the lazy woman’s tool for clearing, because you really don’t have to do anything yourself. Selenite is a soft and beautiful crystal that is naturally clearing. It comes in little towers like this, or sometimes long wand like pieces. Unlike other crystals, selenite doesn’t hold on to any energy. It’s self-clearing and clears other crystals as well.

To use selenite simply place your other crystals in proximity to selenite and it’ll do the rest! So if you have a worry stone, like I do, when you feel it’s gotten a little too heavy with worries, lay it next to the selenite to clear it out. Also, it’ll clear areas in your home too. I have this tower next to my bed, to help me sleep after I experienced a few weeks of restlessness.

Clearing energy is just as important as dusting shelves and should be done often. Try one of the tools today and see for yourself what a difference it can make!

Interested in learning more about energy and how to take care of yours? Contact me for discovery session!


Committing to the great unknown – Marriage in the new age

committing to unknown - book review

Continuing on in the month of love, I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss the source of much inspiration and frustration in the romantic world – love stories.

From Jane Austen to Nora Roberts, Pretty Woman to Dirty Dancing, love stories whether in novels, films or our own imagination have the power to raise our expectations or dash all hopes.

We all know the scene. It’s the last few minutes of the movie and the love interests are finally opening up their hearts to each other. They’ve overcome misunderstandings and mistaken identities, all to get to this point of seeing and accepting each other.

They embrace, kiss passionately as the credits start to roll and you know they’ll live happily ever after.

What a crock of bullsh**. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself a good romance. And I’ll continue to read as many romance novels as I can get my hands on, but I’ve always wondered what happened after. After that final kiss. What’s the pillow talk like in the morning when the prince wakes up next to the peasant and they start to live their everyday lives together? When they start to deal with the daily annoyances and petty issues abound.

“A fish and a bird may indeed fall in love, but where shall they live?” – Elizabeth Gilbert

There is rarely a movie or show about actual marriage itself, unless you remember Married… with Children, which is just another kind of exaggerated view of love and marriage. You never really see what’s behind the day to day union of lives and how a couple deals with paying bills together or deciding whose turn it is to cook dinner and do the laundry.

G2ZSH1CZMNAnd since most of our view of reality is heavily influenced by society, which includes books, films and anecdotal evidence, the choosing of a partner and merger of two separate lives into one is fraught with unrealistic expectations and often misguided beliefs about what happily ever after actually looks like.

“Marriage becomes hard work once you have poured the entirety of your life’s expectations for happiness into the hands of one mere person. Keeping that going is hard work.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Which is why I so greatly appreciated the candor and honest reality of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. This is the story that happens after her happy ending from Eat, Pray, Love in which is found herself and her ability to love again  post-divorce.

I loved this book because I’m also a bit of a skeptic when it comes to terms like “death do us part” and “I’ll love you forever”. Absolutes like that kind of freak me out. Not because I don’t think people are insincere when they speak the words (though s me may be), but more so because I put great stock in the human ability for self-delusion.

We humans can say something and absolutely mean it one day, but then 100, 1000 or 10,000 days later may not have that same belief.

I’m sure almost every couple goes into marriage believing with all their being that this is the one person on the planet that will bring happiness to the rest of the lives. That once their lives are joined then all misery will be secondary and easily overcome. And perhaps for some that’s true. However, with the rate of divorce in the industrialized world as high as it is, that’s not the whole truth.

So in this pseudo-sequel, Liz not only discusses candidly her own reservations about marriage but goes back through history and culture to discover the true meaning and purpose of marriage throughout the ages, (particularly looking at western culture, with some anecdotes of her travels through Southeast Asia).

She went back to the beginning of marriage, when it was merely used as a political means to an end, and how that transformed through the centuries as women’s rights and autonomy grew. Even delving a bit into family history and how her mother and grandmother viewed their marriages and what they compromised for the sake of the family.

photo-1451444635319-e5e247fbb88dHer approach of weaving the story that’s part anthropological and part biographical made for an interesting read.

Rather than just straight memoir, Liz melds both the lessons she learns in her extensive research as well as her circumstance of being in limbo both legally and in travel plans.

As you may have guessed from the title, Liz finally found a truce with her fears and cynicism around marriage. And from reading the book, I too have a different view of the bonds of holy matrimony. Love and marriage are vastly more complicated than much of our popular culture shows. It is more than just last minute confessions of true love and sultry kisses. It’s the everyday choice to work together through whatever joys and sorrows the world brings.

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert

And once that choice is made, it has to be continually renewed. Love is not an easy ride. It’ll push you and pull you. It will drive you crazy with happiness and with tears.

But one thing I think most of us can agree upon is that it’s very much worth all the ups and downs.

If you haven’t yet read this book, then go out and get it today! It’ll open your mind and heart to marriage. And just to show I’m not anti-romance, here’s a few amazing movie clips for you…

What does marriage mean for you? How did you decide to marry your partner? Or does the word still freak you out too? Let me know in the comments below!

Leaning into fear to build the life you want

Last week I traveled to a new-to-me place.. Orlando, Florida. I was there because of the Life Editors Academy – my yearlong mastermind group. It was our first ever retreat! At last I was able to meet live, in person with all the lovely ladies I’d been working with through Facebook and group calls. It was three days of jam-packed dreaming, planning and laughing!

I’d never been to Florida before and although I didn’t get to go to Disney World this time around, I did go shopping at Disney Springs center. Like most of my generation, I grew up with Disney films. (The Little Mermaid was the Frozen of my day.)

20160121_112317It was a great treat to go to the place where much of my familiar childhood films live in reality. Not to mention the plethora of cute little toys, clothes and handbags… I already started on my Christmas list! 😉 However, this trip was more than just a welcome break from the Colorado winter. Like I said, it was a lot of planning for this year.

You know… the year for me to TRANSCEND and become more than I’ve ever been before.

I have to admit, when you’re conspiring with 8 other amazing women, all with their own stories and big visions, it generates a lot of energy. I feel so jazzed up right now I’m about ready to take off! Although I’m very glad I’m done flying for a while. I forgot it actually takes a lot out of you to just sit on an airplane for a few hours.

But back to the retreat… It was just the thing I needed to get myself together and focusing on my big goals this year. There will be some amazing new stuff that I’ll be rolling out to you all within the next month. So keep an eye out! But for now I’ll just recap my time in ‘gator country and leave it at that for now.

pool at retreat houseSome of the highlights of the trip were watching Inside Out – a very cool movie! And finally watching The Secret. I’m not sure how I never saw that before! Also a very moving and life changing film, and with nearly as much crazy animation. 🙂 Beyond the downtime with some movies and chilly dips into the pool, we also made some crafts! We made vision boards (mine is still in progress…) and painted gratitude rocks.

My all time favorite part though was the great company and life altering meals we shared.

We had our very own personaLEA sistersl chef/yoga instructor and I’m not convinced that she was an angel sent down from heaven to us! I can’t remember the last time I ate so well. I miss you already Heather! <3

I wasn’t the only one wishing heather would come back and be their live-in chef. All my academy sisters felt the same. And that’s not the only thing we shared. Coming from diverse locations like Nova Scotia and Tennessee, we all clicked together wonderfully!

Realizing that our surface differences were just that, we shared our similar visions and deepest fears. Though our backgrounds, experience and dreams may be different, our determination to reach them all shines through the same.

And I know that the journey to our goals will be much easier because of the support of these beautiful, soulful businesswomen.

All in all, it was a blast of a trip! Too short by far but also just enough to light the fire under me that I’ve been needing. So to end my homage to the Life Editors Academy, here’s a little video to show off my time there. (More pictures and videos of the retreat to come soon!)


A Quick Full Moon Ritual to Release Unhealthy Energy

full moon ritualLast month I wrote about how creating New Moon intentions can help you focus energy and manifest what you desire. This week’s post is about what to do during the Full Moon to help along your journey around the wheel of the year.

Though it’s not quite spring yet, I’m ready to start clearing out the clutter and letting fresh air and light back into my life. How about you? If you live in a colder climate, I bet you’re itching for the light and warmth to return right about now.

Beyond the physical clutter and dust that’s been gathering in homes all over for the last few months, there’s also the mental and emotional clutter to take into account. Winter is the hibernation time for many animals. According to the 2016 Witch’s Datebook, the January full moon is called the wolf moon because this is the time “when prey animals die of cold and hunger, thus making good hunting for the wolves. Wolf energy deals in survival.”

Although humans don’t stick to their caves for months straight thinking only of their survival (though it is sometimes tempting), there is definitely a change in the energy around this time of year. It’s softer, less active and more introspective. Honestly, I think a lot more midday naps are taken in the winter than the summer, but then again I’m a big advocate of the power of napping. 🙂

So how can you take this quiet, dormant energy of hibernation and use it to create change in your life? Simply by releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

One of my favorite and easiest rituals is a Full Moon Release ritual. It takes only a few minutes at minimum, or you can make an evening of it if you want. This simple ritual clears out the old and unhealthy to make way for the new (i.e. the New Moon energy coming back around). By releasing old patterns and habits, you feel lighter and renewed, like a wonderful massage for the soul.

To perform a Full Moon Release ritual, all you need is a pen and paper, candles and a fire-proof container. I prefer to do this outside, but in winter months, that’s not very ideal. But don’t worry, whether you’re standing under the light of the full moon or inside a crowded apartment complex, you’ll still feel be able to release just as well.

  • First, be sure to center and ground yourself by taking several deep breathes. Then imagine roots coming out from the bottom of your feet or your seat, if you’re sitting down, and see the roots digging into the earth. You’re connected deeply to the earth. You’ll also want to smudge your vicinity with a sage stick or incense. This clears any negative energy that may be around you and creates a sacred, protective space. (More on smudging and grounding to come!) 
  • Next, light a candle and sit with yourself for a moment thinking of all the things you want to release this moon cycle. And write them down on slips of paper. It can be anything from fear and anxiety to debt or unhealthy eating habits. (Remember though, for those more action based releases, you will still need to DO your part after the ritual. You won’t lose any weight or decrease your debt by simply “releasing” it during this ritual).
  • Finally, the fun part! Say the word(s) on the paper out loud. I usually like to say something like…

“I release fear from my life.” Or…

“I no longer need these unhealthy eating habits, I release you now.”

  • And then put the paper to the candle and burn it, being sure to drop it into the fire-proof container. Once you’ve burned all the pieces of paper. Breathe in deeply again and imagine the weight of all that you’ve let go of lift from your shoulders, or heart. Wherever you feel the tension of those negative patterns in your body.

That’s it! Easy peasy and feeling free! If you want to make it more ceremonial, take a soothing bath before, while thinking of all the things you want to release. Then imagine them going down the drain as you get out.

The first full moon of this year is Saturday, January 23rd, so go try out this quick and easy ritual and see how you feel after.

And of course, come back and tell me how it felt to release all that doesn’t serve you from your life!

Daring to Desire: A Revolution in Planning

daring to desireLast week, I wrote about how I’m breaking away from old-school New Year’s resolutions and choosing a theme word to represent my year. This is the year to TRANSCEND. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s uplifting and challenging and all around inspiring for me. This week we’re going to go a step further and talk about desire.

And discover how desire can lead you back to yourself.

Desire is such a powerful word. We often think of it in terms of secrets. Like, my secret desire to meet my verra own James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser (preferably in the 21st century) and be swept off my feet. Well, maybe I’ll just keep that one to myself. 😉

But desire doesn’t have to be a hidden source of inspiration. In fact, one gorgeous soul is bringing back the power and usefulness of desire, in her groundbreaking book – The Desire Map.

“Feelings are magnetic. Each feeling is a beacon that attracts a reality. Love attracts love. Generosity elicits a generous response…what we focus on expands. So choosing to focus on life-affirming feelings is the surest way to create the experience you want.” – Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map, is a mind-blowing new approach to planning and activating goals. This is a heart-centered method designed in reverse from what most modern women are used to doing. See, we’ve all be taught to create the goal line or benchmark objectively and then do everything in our power to achieve it. But what if our goals aren’t truly aligned with our hearts?

What if you want to be successful in work, but really don’t want to climb the corporate ladder to get there? Or you want to be healthy and athletic but deeply, intensely hate running and would rather stick toothpicks under your fingernails instead of getting up at 6 am to train? What do you do then? Enter… your desires.

“You need to have Soul-centered goals. You need to go about fulfilling those goals in life-affirming ways.” –The Desire Map

When you choose how you want to feel first, it makes achieving your goals so much more enjoyable and frankly much easier as well. So, you want to be healthy? How about a daily yoga routine that makes your body strong and your mind calm? You want to earn the big bucks and still contribute something meaningful to society? Start your own enterprise and begin making an impact while making your dough!

But how do you begin? Start with deciding which feelings you want to create or build upon for the next year and then mapping out the objective goals flows much more freely. And don’t worry if this sounds difficult, The Desire Map does a wonderful job walking you through figuring out your Core Desired Feelings, which you then use to plan the rest of your year.

The first part of the book describes the concept and helps get your feet wet in this incredible new system of goal setting. Then the second part of the book (my favorite) is a workbook where you journal out all the things you want or don’t want and eventually come to claim your Core Desire Feelings.

“Constant racing for success creates habitual and unconscious goal-setting. We need to re-learn how to move toward our dreams – with the trust and well-placed devotion.” – The Desire Map

I’m a big fan of CDFs now because it gives you something to reach for but takes the pressure off achieving it. That may seem like a contradiction but it’s really not. Say you want to break into a 6-figure income (which seems to be all the entrepreneur world talks about these days!) but you can’t seem to bust through the last barrier. With traditional goals, you start to feel like a failure for not reaching your dream. You start to doubt, fear, and berate yourself for not being a better businesswoman.

Now look at it from another angle. Say you’re desired feeling is CULTIVATE. And you’re bringing that CDF into your work, cultivating relationships, cultivating your skills and learning every day, or cultivating your services to make them the best they can be. Now, if you’re feeling that growth and expansion that Cultivate entails, and you’re still shy of the big 100K by a few thousand, will you still feel like a failure? Or like a woman who’s marching to her own drum at her own pace and building a solid base to grow from?

“Feeling good increases your flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness, and magnetism.” – The Desire Map

Who wouldn’t want to feel good about their life? Suddenly doors will open for you to bring more of those feelings in and success will become inevitable. And any perceived failures won’t set you back, but merely show you the right path to grow into your CDFs. You start working in tandem with the universe instead of trying to force your life into what you think it should be. In the end, you become more fully YOU. And that’s a glorious thing my dear.

Today, I encourage you to get a copy of The Desire Map and start feeling your way to abundance and bliss.

Have you already figured out your CDFs for 2016? If so, tell me in the comments below.

Resolve no more! Themes are the way to your Dreams

resolve no more - themes are the way to your dreams It’s that time of year again when everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions. Some people swear by them, some people think there is no point in trying to achieve them. And increasingly more and more are disillusioned and so very over the inevitable disappointment that comes after a few weeks of well-intentioned effort culminating in forgotten ambitions.

There is certain wonderful power that turning over a calendar year brings forth. It catapults new enthusiasm and hope for change and growth in the coming year. Unfortunately many of those catapults miss their mark by a long way.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is not the resolutions themselves but the manner in which you make them.

Maybe you make a solemn vow to yourself in the mirror one day, or go a step further and declare your latest resolution to your friends and family. Maybe you’re super-duper serious this year and create vision board of your resolution. Woohoo! You’ve totally got this, right? Eh.

Making a vision board, or announcing your plans on your Facebook wall is all well and good. But it’s still a long way from January 1st to December 31st. That’s a lot of time for plans to go astray or for good intentions to blow up in your face. Decided to go to the gym every day? There goes that plan when you get a promotion which means traveling 3 days a week and being stuck in airplanes and cars for most of the time.

I’m sure you’re as sick of this totally un-fun rollercoaster as I am. So this year I decided to not go the old-school “resolution” route, instead I’m going with a Theme Word.

How does a theme help? Well, you know how everyone loves a good party? What makes a good party a great party is having a theme. One of the best parties I went to was several years ago, when the hostess decided to make it a “wig party” where everyone wore wigs. The theme added to the excitement and overall silly joy of the party. And I learned a very valuable lesson. Me as a blonde doesn’t work. 😉

I had never heard of using a theme before I took part in Molly Mahar’s Holiday Council (HIGHLY recommended for all!) I loved the process of consciously closing out 2015, through reflection and gratitude. And reveled in the proactive approach to shaping 2016 as I dream it to be.

Themes work because they allow for creativity and flexibility while keeping your eye on the overall picture.

Instead of trying to tick off each box and getting frustrated when it doesn’t happen, you can simply keep your theme in mind and allow events and circumstances to shape around the theme. Thus an internal dialogue of “Did I make it to the gym this week? No, then scrap the whole idea!” becomes “Did my actions today contribute to my theme of Health?” That subtle yet important shift makes it a lot easier to choose actions that bring you closer to your theme and it also cuts you some major slack. Now every teeny tiny movement forward is counted and acknowledged.

So what’s my theme for 2016?


To me this means, transcending my limits, transcending old patterns and transcending to new levels of success, love, and abundance. I’m reaching for the stars this year and I’m going to make it!

Are you intrigued by this new-years-resolution-but-not-resolution-setting? Want to make your own theme for this fresh New Year? First, get clear on what exactly you do want to accomplish this year. I’d recommend free writing how you want your year to go. Include milestones you want to hit and new projects you want to start. Think about all areas of your life. Career, home, relationships, health, self-care, etc. Then go away from that brainstorm for a little while and when you come back to it look for overarching themes or patterns.

2016 ThemeMaybe you want to “nurture” yourself and your life more. Maybe you need to “Just Do It” and rock out all those goals you’ve been meaning to get to sometime. Whatever you decide on, sit on that for a couple days to make sure it’s the right word. Check the thesaurus for nuances. Remember you can change the word at any point to make it totally resonate with you and your desired year.

Finally, make a reminder for yourself and post in everywhere! I created an awesome graphic to remind me of my theme and I also wrote it on the little blackboard in my office too. So wherever I go, I see and remember to transcend. Do whatever it takes for you to keep the word in your mind all year long. Write it with lipstick on your bathroom mirror even! Are you excited yet?

Ready? Set. Go!

Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you chose! Have your word already? Pop it in below. Let’s keep each other motivated to create our best year yet!

Tell me what word you chose and what it means for you in the comments below.

New Moon Intentions and How they can work for you

new moon intentions

Ah, the moon. One of those celestial orbs humankind has been fascinated with for eons. Civilizations mark their calendars around the phases of the moon. Poems and songs are written about its power and beauty. The earth and all its creatures are affected by the pull of this enigmatic hunk of floating space rock. And various religions celebrate the might and grace of the moon.

In Wiccan and Pagan traditions, the new moon is a symbol of beginnings and as a blank slate upon which to begin manifesting your desires. It is the best time to plant the seeds for what you want to create in your life until the moon is full again. Now is the time to set the intentions for growth in your life, for the moon’s power will aid you in bringing these wishes to fruition. And trust me – the moon does its part! You just need to do yours.

I’ve been doing New Moon Intentions for several years now and it’s been surprising how they work! Now, I’m not saying you can write down “I want a 2016 Mustang convertible” and expect to see it parked on your driveway on the first of the year. That’s not how it works. In my intention setting, I do ask for material things such as “a newer, better phone” or a “car that will run for years and not harm the environment”. (FYI, I got a new Samsung Galaxy 4 and Honda Civic Hybrid a few months after creating those intentions.) The point is not to dictate to the universe what you want – it ain’t Santa Clause! But to let the universe know what you’re looking for in general while being somewhat specific in what you desire, as in my wish to have an environmentally friendly car.

You can also ask for the non-material aspects in life. I’ve asked for help in creating healthier habits with exercise and food. See again – I didn’t ask to lose 20 pounds by the swimsuit season. I just asked to keep my motivation for a healthier life active through the stresses of my daily duties. And though I’ve had ups and downs and ups again with my weight and healthy habits, I haven’t ever gone back to where I was before, drinking 8 sodas a day and eating Taco Bell or McDonald’s almost every night. I’ve also asked for a job to help pay my bills, and received that as well. Though not necessarily the very next month after setting the intention.

Sometimes it will take several months to receive an answer to your intention. And sometimes you have to be open to receiving things in unusual forms or in ways you weren’t expecting. All you do is put the wish/desire/hope out there, continue doing your part in bringing out the change (if you ask for help getting a job, you still need to send out applications) and then wait for the universe to help you out. I swear by new moon intentions, if only for the fact that it also keeps your goals and dreams in your mind and thus you more likely to act on them and thus make them happen.

So here’s how to go about it. I actually got the idea from an article (go figure!) but I don’t always do the whole candle, clearing, manifestation notebook thing. Just do whatever feels best for you. To me, that’s just having a specific notebook (out of the hundreds I own!) and every month, I read over then rip out the previous month’s intentions and get rid of it (no looking back, just moving forward). Then I write on a fresh new page:

“I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned”

Or something similar. Then I list all the things, material and non-material, that I want to manifest in the month ahead. And that’s it! Then I put the book away in its place until next month. Now, doesn’t that sound easy, yet uplifting? It is. And it just so happens that the new moon for November is today! How convenient. 😉

Why don’t you try it just once and see how you feel after? And leave a comment below to let me know how it worked for you?

What a difference a year can make!

difference of a year

“It’s already November!?” I’ve heard that refrain all over recently, including from my own lips. It always seems surprising that a year comes to its end and yet we experience it annually. But I have to say, this past year has been quite the roller coaster for me. From starting my own business and quitting my full time job to my Italian matriarchal grandmother passing and me traveling again a lot, things have been happening to keep my on my toes. And I have to say that a lot of the good stuff all started from one little decision I made about this time last year.

I decided to really and truly create a vision board.

It all started on a trip to Seattle to visit a friend in October of 2014. We had been talking about doing some vision boards for about four years. But between her time spent taking care of her little ones and my constant moving around, nothing seemed to come of our talks. Last year though – I was determined to get a vision board done for real!

So I researched a little about doing them (I’m a big fan of some good old fashioned research) and got started on creating mine. If you haven’t heard of a vision board, it’s basically a visual representation of your goals and dreams. Usually created with clippings from magazines to create a coherent collage. It’s crafting with a purpose. I however decided I was going to go high tech.

See, I’m not a big magazine reader and never seem to connect with the images as much as I’d like when collaging, so rather than spending $4 a pop for a magazine I’ll likely never read or use again, I searched on google images to find exactly the right image for what I had in mind. It worked like a charm! Instead of thinking of collaging as this interminable search for something not-quite-right, I got just what I was looking for in a matter of seconds and could download, print, cut and paste on to the giant poster board I got from the craft store. And it made the whole process faster, fun and more enjoyable.

Looking at my vision board now, which hangs in my bedroom where I see it all the time, brings me great joy and I’ve really created a lot of what is on there. I’m traveling more (I even got to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef!) and I now have a job and business I truly love. I’m bringing more spirituality into my life on a daily basis. And I’m working on creating healthier habits, through exercise and healthy meals. I don’t have all the things I wanted to get this year, but there are definitely much bigger strides than if I’d just gone on with the business as usual mentality.

Looking back on where I was one year ago, struggling in a job I wasn’t enjoying, feeling lost and frustrated with my life. And feeling like my life was passing me by as I went to marinate in a cubicle all day. I’m struck at the profound difference of my life now. I work from home with my adorable cat companion as co-worker. I go take walks during the day to re-energize and be in nature and I get to help others create the lives they want. It’s just astounding to me how much can change in about 300 days. I hope your new year brings you beautiful, remarkable changes. And one way to help that along is to create a vision board.

What changes would you like to see in your life in the New Year?

Leo and vision board
Bonus photo: Leo “helping” me with my vision boarding.

P.S. The style of vision board I used was “The Sea of Life” map from an article by Martha Beck in O Magazine. I liked this better than having just random pictures placed all over a poster board. It feels more action-orientated as well as inspirational.



Plant the seeds for growth in 2016

Day 31 of Write31Days:

planting for 2016Alas, my friends, we come to the end of the Write 31 Days blog challenge. Whew. What a month it’s been! I hope that you’ve enjoyed some of the quotes and more so, I hope they made you think. I definitely have more where they came from and will be blogging as usual next month.

For my last trick – I mean quote – I’ll leave you with the one that started me on my latest journey of self-discovery earlier this year. I read this in The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin, back in March and it burrowed into my heart and soul in an instant. This articulates the essence of my deep need for continual education. I would stay in school forever if it was free. I love to learn because I’m happiest when I’m growing in knowledge. (I’m an Aquarius, in case you haven’t guessed yet. We love us some learning!)

Once I stumbled upon this quote, I realized that I wasn’t a super-nerd that loves school itself. I love the aspect of growth it provides. And now that I’ve become an entrepreneur, I will be constantly learning and growing as I create the business and life I want. It’s the best of all possible worlds.

To put this even more in to practice, I’ve incorporated growth into my coaching. I find a lot of times we feel frustrated with life because we’re disconnected from ourselves and the world at large. To counteract that, I use the seasons of life cycle to reconnect to the power and wisdom within. Read more about that process in my Coaching page.

Even in life, there will be times when you need to hibernate before you can start growing again. But all life tends to come back to growing. Death and rebirth are inevitable for sure, but the juice in life is in the growing. Be sure you’re growing in your life and you’ll be happy to the end of your days.

What would you like to grow into in the New Year? Let me know below!

Inspiration on the move (freebie)


P.S. Did you enjoy the past month of quotes? Now you can take them on-the-go! I created a free PDF of my favorite quotes, which I call “Inspiration on the Move”. You can cut out the quotes and post them wherever you need a spot of inspiration and encouragement. Get your copy here now!