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hEALING-1Today we’re going on a journey….

In addition to my usual blog post, I have the honor to be featured on Wayfaring Wanderer’s blog.

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I only recently meet Wayfaring Wanderer but I knew from the first that we are kindred spirits. Aside from having the most awesome business name and being a fun loving, adventurer that she is, she’s also and a-MA-zing wedding photographer. Check out this gorgeous featured wedding shoot!

One of the many things we have in common is our love of traveling and nature. We both live is some of the most beautiful parts of the country. I’m in colorful Colorado and she’s living it up in Boone, North Carolina. So naturally… we both love nature. And thus my blog post for her site is an ode to the almost miraculous healing affects of nature.

I hope you enjoy the post and check out Wayfaring Wanderer for all your wedding planning and photography needs! I know she’ll definitely be my go-to woman when I get married. 🙂



The simple and quick method to declutter your mind

The simple and quick method to declutter your mind

When I was little I used to have major panic attacks, primarily at the end of the school year and before entering the next grade. It was awful and the only way my mother could calm me was by washing my face with a warm washcloth and talking me down from my fear.

But for the most part I’d have to ride out my attacks and just try to get to the other side. It was terrifying. I’d sometimes start to hyperventilate and could not catch my breath. Again, my mother just talked to me and tried to get me to take deeper breaths. Those attacks probably lasted mere minutes but they felt like hours to me.

As a child, I didn’t know why I was so anxious about school. I loved school. I love learning. So what’s the problem? I never figured it out. It’s hard when your mind and body are fighting a battle that you don’t understand and can’t explain to yourself or others.

Eventually I mostly grew out of these attacks.

Sometimes an event will trigger another episode, though luckily never as bad as before. I’ll find myself trying to talk my way back to breathing deeply and coming back from the edge. At least now that I’m older and slightly wiser, I’ve been exposed to many other tools and techniques for calming myself in the midst of high anxiety.

I first heard of Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, from one of my ESL students about 6 years ago. At the time it sounded intriguing, but I didn’t give it much more thought. I should have paid attention though as that was perhaps one of the most stress-filled times in my life. Strange how things appear right when you need them, right?

I next heard about it from a friend about 3 years later, who was taught to use EFT by her counselor. I tried it a bit then, but again didn’t really think it was useful for me at the time.

But the universe was giving me a chance to change my state and I still wasn’t quite ready for it then either.

Finally last year, I started using it frequently during a very difficult time at my former workplace when I needed a way to calm down almost daily. Since then it’s become part of my regular routine and helps me even when I’m not in panic mode, but acts as a sort of preventive care method.

So what is EFT or Tapping?

It’s similar to acupressure, where you simply tap on certain points on the body (called meridians). By tapping on these points and saying the affirmation,

“Even though I feel ______, I still deeply and complete love and accept myself”,

you begin to rewire your brain away from the fear, stress, panic, etc.

How can EFT help you?

I initially started tapping as a way to bring be back from the brink of major emotional outbursts, before I could get myself too far out in the land of overwhelm and panic. Since then, I’ve started using it to release old patterns and blocks that prevent me from growing my business or living the life I want. You can even use it to help you lose weight, since most of the issue with healthy living really comes down to feeling you deserve it.

There is a great deal of resources out there, so I won’t go into specifics here. There’s a video tutorial to demonstrate and explain the process or if you prefer to read all it about it, there’s that option too.

Tapping is one of the easiest, quickest and powerful tools to help with emotional turmoil. Try tapping today and tell me how it goes for you!

Simple Spells to calm your heart and clear your mind

Continuing on with the spring cleaning theme, we’re going to look at a rather unique way of clearing out emotional and mental clutter in your life.

Sometimes life becomes too overwhelming or a sucky situation doesn’t seem to want to end. I believe we’re never given a challenge that we cannot overcome. However every now and then something happens and you just want to toss in the towel and say, “That’s it! I’m over it. I’m done with this game.”

We all need a little help sometimes – Turn to the universe for support

I started praying when I was 10 years old and haven’t stopped since. Though my methods may have changed a bit, I still seek out guidance and support. In addition to nightly prayers I occasionally need a little extra boost. During those times, I turn to spells to help me get over the hurdle.

Spells get a bad rap but they are just prayers that rhyme

I was a huge fan of the tv show Charmed. I totally wanted to be one of the charmed ones, though maybe with less demon fighting. 🙂 What I loved about it though was how words were often more powerful then centuries old warlocks and demons. A few rhymes here, some candles there and then poof! Victory!!

Obviously spells in the real world don’t work quite that effectively and hopefully you don’t need them in a life or death situation, but I’ve found a few spells are super helpful in at least changing my present state and allowing me to face my demons on my own.

For instance, when I was working in a pretty toxic office environment, I’d come home and be completely drained. I couldn’t think straight or enjoy my free time in any real quality way. So I came up with a few simple spells to help clear away all the sh*t of the workplace and let me get back to myself.

I’ve finally put these spells together in a downloadable ebook, but I wanted to highlight one for you here. The spell below I use in the shower and say it while the water runs over me, imagining that it cleanses not just my body, but my heart and mind too. After saying this little ditty, I would get out of the shower and feel refreshed all around! No more sluggishness and despair, but feelings of hope and lightness appeared. Try it for yourself!

Shower cleansing spell

Mother Goddess,clapping hands in the rain
Father God,
Wash away all the _____________ (fear, pain, stress, frustration, etc.) of the day.
Let this water cleanse me,
Let your light refresh me.
Fill my heart with ______________ (joy, hope, strength, clarity, etc.),
So I may face the challenges before me.
With grateful heart and open mind,
Wash away all energy that binds.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. When you need a little extra support try a spell to ask the divine to get your back. I bet you’ll feel better and if nothing else, it’s a great placebo effect and you’ll realize you have all you need to succeed already. I hope the spell helps you as much as it did me!

Want more spells? Get your copy of my new Simple Spells for Daily Life ebook!

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2 Ways to Spring Clean your Energy

Today, on the blog, we’re going to do things a bit differently and I’m going to do a video tutorial on two tools I use to cleanse negative energies.

If you’d like to read the full transcript, you can find it below the video.


Ways to Spring Clean your EnergyHi, I’m Dacia Dyer. I am a traveler. A teacher. A writer. A healer. An eternal optimist. I guide women to find their inner wisdom and power, to reconnect to divinity and find their SpirWitchuality.

Energy clearing is a timeless tradition and not as “woo woo” as you may think. It’s basically the same as sterilizing a hospital so that gems don’t infect others. Negative energies are the germs science hasn’t been yet able to describe but they’re no less real.

The first tool I use often is sage.

It’s a common and traditional tool and it smells wonderful! You may have heard of smudging as one way to clear energy. Smudging is really just wafting the smoke of the sage, or any other herb you choose, around an area or person.

I first smudged my home a few years ago. After feeling like no matter how much I cleaned the house still felt dark and heavy, I decided to try to sage everything. The minute I smudged the home, it immediately felt lighter and clear. I’ve been smudging periodically since then.

Now, to smudge, you simple light the end of the sage, or sweet grass, or pine, what-have-you until you get a nice burn. Then let the smoke waft over you or your home, wherever you need to clear. Be sure to get into the corners of a room as well as around the windows or doors, wherever energy can come in and out. Then just tamp out the sage stick in a fireproof dish. That’s it! The simplest and most effective tool to clear out negative energy.

The second tool I use is SeleniteFB_IMG_1459005587557

It’s kind of the lazy woman’s tool for clearing, because you really don’t have to do anything yourself. Selenite is a soft and beautiful crystal that is naturally clearing. It comes in little towers like this, or sometimes long wand like pieces. Unlike other crystals, selenite doesn’t hold on to any energy. It’s self-clearing and clears other crystals as well.

To use selenite simply place your other crystals in proximity to selenite and it’ll do the rest! So if you have a worry stone, like I do, when you feel it’s gotten a little too heavy with worries, lay it next to the selenite to clear it out. Also, it’ll clear areas in your home too. I have this tower next to my bed, to help me sleep after I experienced a few weeks of restlessness.

Clearing energy is just as important as dusting shelves and should be done often. Try one of the tools today and see for yourself what a difference it can make!

Interested in learning more about energy and how to take care of yours? Contact me for discovery session!


Sparks of Joy: How to really Declutter your Life

Sparks of Joy- How to really Declutter your Life

As much as I love the winter, even I get sick of it after a while. I’m not a fan of the sun so much, but now that the days are lengthening I’m feeling more and more energized. And I am loving the days when I can sit out on my balcony and watch the sunset (when it’s not a random spring blizzard).

Another happy consequence of this growing energy is the desire to spring clean my home. After several months of keeping windows shut, I’m pleased to be able to throw them open to the fresh air and clear out the remnants of winter’s sluggishness.

So this month’s blog posts will be dedicated to cleaning up and clearing out all that no longer serves you. Whether it’s that sweater that worked for a while, but is now too big and ratty, or negative energy and tired old thought patterns that hold you back from creating your best life, we’re going to get rid of it! And I’m starting with the physical stuff that’s everywhere in my life right now.

It’s Spring Cleaning fever! Time to come out of hibernation and prepare for the growing seasons, both physically and mentally.

20150826_155542Last fall, my grandmother passed away and I, being the mild hoarder I am (obviously inherited from her), brought home a lot of things from her house. Now, some of these possessions were amazing finds – such as the huge container of old family photos I’d never set eyes on before. Score! And then other things… well, let’s just say no one needs 5 different sets of measuring cups.


Usually my version of decluttering is moving abroad to Europe. Nothing helps clarify your priorities like moving across an ocean! However, I’m a little tired of that game and I’m planning on staying put in one location for a while longer. So I have to figure out how to declutter without the outside accountability of airline luggage restrictions.

Decluttering is the New Black – Tips from your mother’s aunt’s cousin’s barber on how to declutter

20160310_182409Around the time of my grandmother passing, a friend gifted me with the latest craze in decluttering world – The Life-changing magic of tidying up, by Marie Kondo. If you haven’t heard of this book yet, then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. It seems to be on everyone’s lips of late.

Without getting into all the details, Kondo’s main premise is that all your possessions should bring you joy. And that’s the easiest way to clear the clutter from your life. Basically you need to look at every single object, in your home and ask “What things will bring me joy if I keep them as part of my life?” Sounds intimidating, right?

Marie goes into great detail about how to go through all your things and is very systemized about it, so I’m not going to try and summarize that. But I want to touch upon a few of the broader points that she explains are the “magic” behind tidying up.

Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of “stuff”, but about balance and harmony

20150907_161945She says that, “tidying ought to be the act of restoring balance among people, their possessions, and the house they live in.” I love this idea since I’ve always had what I call the “Velvetine rabbit” syndrome. Ever since reading that famous children’s book when I was a kid, I can’t help but think all possessions have emotions and I can’t get rid of a lot of stuff because I’m afraid it’ll feel abandoned. (I also can’t watch Toy Story for this reason.)

That’s why she focuses on keeping objects that bring joy. If all your possessions make you happy and bring you joy then the space you live in will naturally be more peaceful and comfortable. So now instead of feeling sad for the objects that no longer bring me joy, I can let them go so they can find their new home and thus fulfill their purpose of being joy-bringers. Kondo has a lovely goodbye ceremony you can do for letting go of objects. 🙂

Decluttering is about choosing who you are and how you want to live

20150914_115939This next point is key. By keeping only things that bring you joy and letting go of the rest, you’re really choosing who you are, and how you want display that to yourself and the world.

For me, I’m a bibliophile. I LOVE books. When I went through my bookshelves, I got rid of maybe a half dozen. The rest, I’m keeping because – they all bring me immense joy! (It’s really rare when a book doesn’t bring me joy, not a really terrible problem to have though except for my overburden bookshelves.)

Sometimes letting go of things is also a way of moving on from a particular time in your life. One of Kondo’s clients said, “I realized for the first time that letting go is even more important than adding.” I hear that! Every time I moved across the Atlantic, I had to let go of a lot of things. Some I missed, some I didn’t even really notice were gone. But it was always a good way of closing that chapter of my life.

Transform your home into sacred space 

20150829_112100This last point is one of my favorites. Any time someone visits my home, they mention how peaceful and calming it feels. That’s not because it’s clutter free or because it’s immaculately decorated. It’s because I think of my home as a sanctuary and try to keep that energy cleared at all times. (More on energetically clearing a space will come later in the month.)

Kondo calls this a “power spot.” A place that is comfortable, feels good to be in and where you can relax. Can you claim your home as a power spot right now? What’s making it feel uncomfortable or constricted? What would make you feel more relaxed and at peace?

Your home, your choices

In the end, Kondo’s advice is “only you can know what kind of environment makes you feel happy.” I have friends whose homes have barely changed for 20 years, and know others who need to change it up every 6 months. The only question you should keep in mind when decluttering is “will this bring add joy to my life and help me become the women I want to be?” All else is fluff and clutter.

What’s the best tip/advice you’ve ever received about decluttering? Bonus question: How many photos above has my cat Leo appeared in?


Try these tools when you need to balance your moods

Try these tools when you need to balance your moods

A few weeks ago, I got very sick. I was out of commission for a week with a cold that wouldn’t go away. It was not a fun way to spend the first few glorious sunny days after a long snowy winter.

But I blame myself, in part. I went out in my summer clothes in the midst of winter. (Now, this is rather a typical Coloradan thing to do, and I wasn’t the only one around in flip flops already!) Yet, despite the tricky sun coming out to play – it’s still very much wintry temperatures out here.

Yes, spring is coming, but it ain’t here fully yet!

Just like a runner who starts training too soon after recovering from an injury, I pushed the envelope too fast too soon and got my butt kicked for it. This happens more often than we like to admit I think. Impatient with being sick, or cooped up inside for weeks, or not feeling 100% ourselves, we try to get back to your normal routines before we’re really ready.

So when you need a gentle helper in keeping a harmonious balance mentally or emotionally try these two to


brazilian-amethystSure, I may be a bit prejudiced in thinking that amethyst is the best crystal since it is my birth stone, but it really is one of the most popular and helpful of the crystal world. It works on all planes (emotional, spiritual and physical) and brings balance, patience and peace.

Amethyst is a calming stone that’s a great all around healer.

It can also help with stabilizing emotions and developing inner strength. It supports you in staying grounded in your beliefs but also connecting to your intuition and trusting your gut. Amethyst is common in jewelry as well as in tumbled forms. The most beautiful form, to my mind, is in its natural geode state.

Whatever form it comes in, keep it close to you when you’re feeling off-balanced or anxious. I wear an amethyst ring nearly constantly and one of my favorite necklaces is an amethyst in druzy (unpolished) style. Rub the amethyst when you when an extra boost of calming and visualize a white light surrounding you, keeping you safe and clearing away your stress.

Geranium oil

Gernaium_lgAnother great tool to help keep you balanced in heart and mind is geranium essential oil. One of my favorite parts of spring is watching all the beautiful flowers coming out to bloom. Geranium is such a happy looking flower, how could its oil not be helpful? 🙂

Geranium helps you stay focused mentally when you feel scattered. It helps to clarify thoughts and put things in order. Emotionally, geranium helps to balance out of whack or chaotic emotions. It’s a great help when going through transitions and transformations.

Like amethyst, it’s protective as well as healing, keeping negativity at bay while you work to bring in positive vibes.

Depending on the grade of oil you have, you can burn in the oil in a diffuser and smell the lovely fragrance. If you have higher grades, you can dab a little on your skin. I prefer behind the ears and at the wrists, but wherever you feel you want to put it is good. If you find you have skin sensitivities, stop using the oil immediately! Balance won’t come if you’re getting a rash instead.

The key to keep balanced emotionally and mentally is to always be gentle with yourself. Some days you may be able to rock it out like a boss and get all your tasks accomplished. Other days, it may be a huge feat just to dress and get breakfast. If that’s the case, remember that all things are temporary, the highs and the lows. But using these tools will help keeping those highs and lows from becoming a vast chasm.

Your turn – what tools do you use to stay balancing? Let me know in the comments below!

The Best of All Possible Worlds – Lessons from Candide

The Best of All Possible Worlds - Lessons from Candide

When I lived in Northern Ireland, my roommate and I were so similar we could’ve been twins. We loved the same shows, listened to the same music (for the most part), and laughed at the same silly jokes. Just one thing was vastly different between us – the ongoing debate on whether the glass was half full or half empty.

As I declared elsewhere, I’m an eternal optimist. I’m a Pollyana. I admit it! I prefer looking at the world in a half-full light.

My friend on the other hand had a decidedly more Chicken Little view of the world. Not to say that she was super melodramatic, it’s just that she erred on the side of a realistic, dare I say skeptical, perspective in life.

Now, I’m not declaring one better than the other. I’m just laying out the facts here. I believe both viewpoints are useful and necessary at different times.

And either one, when unbalanced can lead to disastrous consequences.

One of the many interesting books that I had to read in high school embodies this concept perfectly – Candide, by Voltaire. Written back in 1759, this is the satirical tale of an overly optimistic young man, Candide, who suffers outrageous misadventures and misfortunes, all the while proclaiming that everything is for the best and he lives in the “best of all possible worlds”.

Though it’s only a little over a hundred pages, this isn’t an easy book to read. Partly due to the 18th century language and partly due to the absolutely ridiculous and terrifying catastrophes Candide and friends endure. However, I do recommend you read it at some point, if only for the hilarity in which Voltaire mocks the ever-persistent optimism of the hero and his mentor, Dr. Pangloss.

But more importantly, what I remember most vividly from this tale of blind positivity is the final scene. After finally settling down again with his true love, his mentor, and other comrades, Candide is walking back to his home with Dr. Pangloss and they begin discussing all the disasters they experienced the last several years. Dr. Pangloss keeps insisting it was all for the best of all possible worlds and everything was meant to happen in just the way it did.

woman on bench looking awayFinally, Candide has enough of this philosophizing and says simply, “we must cultivate our garden.”

To me, this line represents that moment when all the thinking and optimistic rationalizing is no longer useful and needs to be put aside for the very real and necessary act of cultivating the garden. As I mentioned before, I sometimes have a hard time stopping my overactive mind. So whenever I get in that state of wondering and “what-if-ing” myself to death, I stop, remind myself about the practical tasks at hand and get to work.

I feel like the issue of overwhelming positivism comes up often in the world of new age spirituality. Sometimes the belief that everything happens for a reason can lead to stress, trying to figure out what that reason is and how it fits into the bigger picture. There’s so much pressure to keep your “vibrations high” and always thinking positively – because any negative thoughts will just increase themselves – that it naturally leads to negative consequences, since you’re not being true to yourself.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and that everything does happen for a reason, but sometimes things simply SUCK in the moment. By admitting that things are tough in the present, it frees you to release that negativity in order to let in the positive beliefs which you DO want to manifest. Yes, what you think you create, but if you ignore how to really feel and try to “fake it until you make it” the universe won’t be fooled. Balance is necessary in all things in life. That means good times and bad times.

Happy moments and dreadful moments. Denying one side is an injustice to both.

Go ahead and wallow for a few minutes. Get upset at the shitty situation. Cry out all your sorrow. And then get up, give yourself a huge heart-felt hug and go and cultivate your garden!

Your turn – what phrase or memory helps you to remain balanced? Let me know in the comments below!

Celebrating the balance of day and night

Celebrating the balance of day and night

“Spring is in the air!”

You’ve probably been hearing that a lot lately. Maybe it lights you up and gets you excited for all the spring cleaning, planting and generally more energetic activities that warmer weather brings. There are few people who can resist the allure of longer sunnier days and higher temperatures. Even though winter is my favorite season, even I get sick of the constant scraping of snow and ice from the car, all the bulky winter sweaters and the never-ending dinners of soup and root veggies.

When spring comes, I’m ready to get out there and start soaking up the sun and fresh air again!

But there’s more to this season than fluffy bunnies and chocolates coming out the wazoo.

The pagan holiday of Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, marks the day when the sun’s annual trek along the north-south axis reaches its zenith at the Earth’s equator. Although it’s said that the night and day are equally balanced on this day (literally meaning “equal night”, in Latin equi – nox), that’s not true in all parts of the world.

And as I mentioned in a previous post , balance is not always about equal amounts. Life is never fully balanced. It’s more of a tight-rope kind of walk, tilting this way and that. It’s about constantly shifting your weight wherever it needs to be in order to stay on the wire.

In winter our energy was being stored and used in small bits, as needed. Generally winter is about finishing up old work, tying up loose ends, not starting whole new projects. That’s for the springtime when the energy is rising again and new growth comes easier. Now’s the time to begin new endeavors and get the most of the natural cycle of death and rebirth.

So to make the best of this new sun-filled energy, here are five activities to celebrate the coming of spring.

Get out in nature!father daughter walking

In many places in the northern hemisphere, snow is melting, grass is beginning to poke its head up again and birds are making their triumphant return. Now is a great time to get out in the crisp air and experience the return of plants and animals after their winter hibernation. I’m excited to start doing my morning walks again, minus the snow boots and pants! Though it’s still quite chilly in the morning, seeing all the budding life around me makes it worth the brief moments of cold. So go out to the park, take a hike or a field trip to the zoo to watch the babies getting to know the world. Nothing says spring like baby animals! 🙂

Get crafty!

RKVZU56K73Obviously the best known spring craft is painting Easter eggs. This is one of my all-time favorite traditions for sure. But that’s not the only way to bust out the spring creativity. If you’re a gardener, then why not paint your own flower pots? You can get simple ceramic pots at the store and with a little paint and love, create a happy home for your little seedlings. If you’re in a place where you can see dry sidewalks again, maybe it’s time to grab the kids, some chalk and go to town decorating your walkways. Kids have a really hard time with cabin fever, seconded only by their parents. Make the arrival of spring a family affair by heralding the warm weather with some fun outdoors.

Go and get your play time on!AFD3CB0246 

Which leads into tip #3 – go outside and play! Sure you may still need a light jacket (or even heavier one) but as the days have more light, it’s a great time to take advantage of it with some after work playtime with the kids. Break out the bubbles, play a rousing game of tag or hide and seek. There has been some pretty intense wind in my area lately. If you are experiencing similar crazy weather, then get a kite and put it to good use! There’s no better lesson about balance and harmony than trying to keep a kite in the air!

WV6Q25F8ZJTill the soil and start planting!

Spring of course is the time to think about sowing the seeds for new growth. However, planting can take many forms. Sure there’s the usual flower pots to work on and getting the garden ready for the big planting time. But think also about your figurative seeds you want to plant. Has there been some habit you’ve been meaning to start working on? What about that scrapbooking project you keep thinking about doing? Make this the time to start laying down the seeds of new projects and don’t forget to nourish them as you would your physical seeds. Watch them grow throughout the spring and summer so by the time the fall comes, you have real progress to show for your efforts!

NS5Q6MVMZQWho doesn’t love the smell of baking?!

Finally, one of my other favorite traditions in spring is all the holiday breads and cookies. Each family has their own tradition, and my mother used to make Easter bread. Mmmmm… yum! Dust off your bread tins, cookie sheets and bake up some delicious symbols of abundance! This is a great way to show the coming spring that you’ve not only survived the winter, but you’re ready for more growth and abundance to find you! If you have any favorite recipes, teach them to your children and keep the traditions going.

However you celebrate Ostara/Spring Equinox, be sure that you laugh and have fun! Spring itself is like a big joke upon the cold, harsh winter. Yes, winter will come around again but at the end of it we’ll be around to play and rejoice in the energy of rebirth.

You tell me – what are your favorite spring traditions? Leave a comment below.

Coloring your way to a balanced life

coloring way to balanced life

You may have noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with adult coloring books. Well, I’m going to tell you why. They are perhaps the best anti-stress tool I have ever encouneredt. Yes, I truly believe that.

Long before this latest trend happened, I bought myself a Hello Kitty kids coloring book and some good old crayola crayons. It was my junior or senior year in college and things were getting intense to say the least. In between studying and freaking out about all the work I had, I would color a little with my crayons and immediately feel better.

I’m sure you’ve read all about how . Well, it’s much more than that! Even Carl Jung, famed psychologist, had his clients coloring. And many psychologists still use coloring today to help their clients. It helps to relax the mind and calm the emotions, but is much more accessible. Nearly everyone remembers coloring as children, so it’s not as intimidating as meditation.

Aside from the calming and relaxation aspects of coloring, there’s a deeper urge that’s fulfilled with this hobby – creative expression.

Throughout time and all over the world humans have been creating lasting imprints of their lives. From cave paintings to Roman frescoes, and modern chalk art (one of my favs), we humans can’t stop ourselves from creating. We see a flat surface and think – “Hey! That needs some color!!”

Unfortunately, as adults in a very busy world, we’re often taught to leave behind our creative urges and focus on the “real world” of work and accomplishment. But art, music and architecture are just as integral to our humanity as finance, science and medicine.

Mr. Keating put it best in the timeless Dead Poet’s Society:

Perhaps I give too much credit to mere coloring books. I mean, I’m not creating a whole new Mona Lisa here. But whether your creation is one of a kind and amazes the world, or it’s just for fun in the evenings and weekends to get your mind off of work drama, it still affects you the same. It taps into a part of your brain that’s mostly off during the problem solving work of the day. Or at the very least it keeps you very much in the present, just like mediation – but without the stress of trying to keep thoughts away. They naturally don’t bother you as much.

You really can’t think about what to do about that annoying work project that’s not going well when you’re trying to decide what color the next flower should be.

Creativity is a unique and individual outpouring of the heart. It clears the mind and eases the soul. Crafting, creating, coloring – they all achieve the same end. To make us happier, healthier humans. And that’s something I can definitely get behind.

And because I love spreading the joy here are a few of the books I’m playing with right now!

Here’s my first finished page from Llewellyn’s Witch’s Coloring Book20160223_210555

And here’s a fun one from the Notes from the Universe Coloring Book:20160219_153320


And here’s my first ever coloring page from Balance book:20150803_112043


Finally here’s Leo telling me that I’ve had enough fun and it’s time to play with him. 🙂


So now it’s your turn… What’s your creative passion? Tell – or better yet – show us below!

Here are 2 tools to balance your body and mind

Here are 2 tools to balance your body and mind

As we continue to gain more daylight, growing every little bit more until the equinox – when the day and night are equal – I want to focus on bringing more balance into your life.

Now I know that balance has gotten a bad rap lately as the overused “work-life balance” shtick has fully run its course and then some. However, I’m going to posit that there are many types of balance. Some literally mean equal – as in the equinox, which is Latin for “equal night”, and others are more about being in harmony.

This month we’ll talk about how keeping a harmonious balance in your life is critical to enjoying the highs and coping with the lows.

First off – tools to balance your mind and body!

At the beginning of this year, I started a new morning routine. It’s from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrond At first I thought it would be just too much work and trouble, even for the purportedly amazing benefits, but I was willing to give it a 30 day try (as per his challenge). I’ve managed to stick with it right through to March already and it wasn’t as hard as I’d expected to add this routine into my morning. I like to take things easy upon waking up and this allowed me to slowly wake up and get moving in my day.

Part of the miracle morning (there are 6 steps, I’ll tell you more about that later) is silence and exercise. For the silence part he recommends meditation. Since I’d already been dabbling in meditation over the past year I thought, sure why not? That’s easy enough.

“Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.” – Jean Arp

Usually I prefer guided meditations that help you focus your mind and take you on a little journey. However, I thought listening to someone else talking me through meditation doesn’t really count as silence. Therefore I tried to do a more stereotypical “clear your mind of thoughts” type of meditation.

One of my favorite apps is Calm (website is Calm.com). They have beautiful nature scenes that make you feel like you’re really at the beach, or in a flowering meadow. Calm does have guided meditations (more options are available for subscribers) but I usually use the timer feature.

I will admit that I’ve found it difficult to keep my mind easy breasy. But meditation is not meant to clear all your mind of thoughts, it’s really about keeping you in the present and not getting carried away by those thoughts. This is a problem for me at times, for as an Aquarius, I think – A LOT.

Rather than trying to tame my thoughts I simply envisioned them as clouds in the sky, and me lying in the meadow watching them float by. I could then acknowledge they were there and let me move along. That has helped my meditation practice greatly, and it’s easier to bring my attention back around to the present moment.

The trick with meditation is – there is no trick. Just do whatever works best for you to stay aware of this moment.

If that means breaking the supposed “rules” of meditation, then do it! Just keep yourself aware of the moment you’re in. After all it’s all we have in the end.

Next was figuring out how to incorporate exercise into my morning. Since it was cold outside the last few months, my usual morning walks weren’t that appealing anymore but I definitely wanted some kind of activity first thing to get me going. Coincidentally, I had been introduced to Yoga with Adriene just a few months before and she was the answer to my Miracle Morning exercise problem.

Now, if you’ve not seen Yoga with Adriene yet, then stop, go to Youtube and check her out now. Go on, I’ll wait. 🙂

Okay, now you see how awesome she is, let’s talk about Yoga Camp. Adriene did a 30 day Yoga Camp challenge that is sure to get anyone off the couch and onto the mat. FULL DISCLOSURE – I technically haven’t finished the camp. I’m like 4 sessions off, but I did do yoga every day for 30 days, so I’m taking that as a win!

For me, YWA was a goddess-send. I’ve been doing home yoga for the last few years with the paltry few DVDs I owned. But here was something that changed and updated and kept being interactive without becoming routine (I did the yoga DVDs so much that I can repeat what they say before they say it). Don’t get me wrong, starting out with something was better than nothing, but I needed more variety and I found it big time!

Leo watching Yoga with AdrieneWhat I love most about YWA is that she’s so real. She says dorky things and then laughs at herself. And I find myself literally talking back to her like she would hear me! Yeah… talk about awkward gals. Oh, and bonus – even Leo likes watching her too!

Also, she knows her audience are all real too and all unique. She gives tons of choices and makes you feel like you can do yoga no matter what your physical state or experience is. In fact, I now say I have a “yoga practice” because of her. Whereas before I would say I “sometimes do yoga”.

But now I’m not afraid to try new poses or stick to my favs. As long as I do something, every day then I feel good. And when I happened to skip a day I could tell something was off. I haven’t skipped since. Even it’s just literally one minute and one pose, I still do something to help keep myself balanced mentally and physically.

“I always think I look better after a yoga class. It’s the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we’re relaxed.” – Andie MacDowell

Whether you’re a full blown yogi or an interested novice, Yoga with Adriene will help you keep your body and thus your mind in harmony. (If it sounds like I have a girl-crush, it’s because I do. I think we’d be besties if she knew I existed.)

So there are just two ideas to help keep you on an even keel. What other tools do you use to stay balanced?