Book Review: The Power of TED

power of Ted

This week I’m going to do things a little differently. Because I read nearly constantly and I often recommend books to friends and family, I thought it’d be helpful to my readers here to get in on the action as well. Starting from now I’m going to do a monthly book review of some of the most influential books in my collection. To kick off my book review series, I’m starting with an oldie but goodie. I’d like to tell you a story about a little book with a big message – “The Power of TED” by David Emerald.

If you read my guest post last month on Sage Grayson’s blog, then you may already know a bit about this book. But to recap, I had started going to a counselor several years ago when I was struggling in many areas of my life. My counselor at the time recommended I read The Power of TED. Written in old school parable form, a middle aged man meets an older gentleman on the beach one and they strike up a conversation. Another character comes in later to help explain the main message of the story as they continue to stroll together. Teaching and learning in a storytelling and conversational style.

The book is about taking the infamous drama triangle of victim, rescuer and persecutor and turning it on its head to create what Emerald dubbed the “Empowerment Dynamic” (aka TED). This new triangle of relationships transforms victims into creators, rescuers into coaches and persecutors into challengers. Thus taking a more proactive view of difficult situations. After all, you can’t wallow in inaction mode if you’re now a creator rather than a victim.

As Emerald states, “I can tell you from experience that living from the Creator Orientation is actually more challenging. In the Victim Orientation, I didn’t have to exercise conscious choice: I just reacted to my circumstances.The Creator Orientation requires considering and choosing my response to everything that happens; taking many, many Baby Steps that eventually lead to manifesting my envisioned outcome.”

The casual tone of the book belies the profound message it contains – that we are all co-creators of our lives. We can choose how to react to situations, and even preempt the situation by taking a proactive role in creating it. This was a massive shift in the way I had been relating to life for the several years before I read the book. Somewhere along the way of my journey, I lost the belief and the power of knowing I can create my life as I wish. Instead I had become trapped in the Dreaded Drama Triangle, feeling utterly hopeless and powerless.

After reading The Power of TED, I started to create my reality again. I began by following one of his principles of taking baby steps in regaining my creative power back and getting out of the Victim Orientation. It was how I created my Daily Empowerment Ritual (available for download here). Doing this ritual every day helped me to see that the world wasn’t all against me and that I had a say in how things unfolded. This led to making better decisions from a new perspective that wasn’t desperation and hopelessness. And this has made all the difference. No longer am I tossed about on a sea of other’s whims and blaming them for my misfortunes.

So get your copy of The Power of TED today and start creating your future as you wish! And don’t forget to download the Daily Empowerment Ritual for free right here.

How has it helped you shift your perspective on dealing with difficult times? Let me know in the comments below.

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