My Story

In my own words…


Once upon a time (the 1980’s) there lived a little girl in the beautiful and faraway land of Colorado. She believed in magic, faeries and the goodness of people. This little girl dreamed of distant lands and traveling everywhere her heart desired, meeting new people and learning new languages. As time went on, the girl grew up and finally the time came to venture out in to the world on her own. She happily traveled through the exotic islands of England and Ireland. She saw the captivating sights of Russia and Ukraine. She reveled in her travels and felt connection with the people of this planet and herself too. Eventually though, she felt a shadow upon her adventures…


She realized that two monsters had started to follow her trek around the world. The monsters were called “bills” and “responsibility” and they kept darkening her path, casting a long shadow on her journeys and happiness. The young woman couldn’t escape the monsters, for wherever she went, they were sure to be right alongside her. Eventually she had to “settle down” and get a “real job” in order to feed the monsters and placate their voracious appetites. Which she did… for a few years at least.


After a while she found that she didn’t love her life as she had before. She found the world duller and more robotic. It was the same thing every day. Get up, go to work all week, have fun in the few short hours of the weekend, and then back to work on Monday. No adventures or new people. Just a giant wheel of never ending sameness. Yuck! One day the young woman looked hard at her life and realized she couldn’t take any more. She took back the control of her life and started to bring more magic and divinity into her life…


And thus she quit her day job and became a Spiritual Mentor and GuideHere is the career perfectly suited for her – being true to her soul and lifestyle while helping others to do the same. And the best part is that it can follow her anywhere she goes!


Now, “bills” and “responsibility” aren’t monsters, in fact, they never were, she realized! They are part of her material world experience, but they do not have to dominate that experience at the expense of living wholeheartedly. And though she can’t say they all live happily ever after together now, they are no longer haunting her steps and keeping her from connecting to divinity in a way that feeds her soul.


Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an embellishment, but that’s how it felt for me. I love traveling and exploring this marvelous planet! And I felt totally constricted by all the modern day society stuff like student loans, credit card debt and even cell phone contracts that last longer than the phone itself! All that seemed to be the reason why I wasn’t able to live the life I really wanted. I’m a nomad at heart and I couldn’t wander!

If you’re reading this far, then I imagine you may be feeling or have felt something similar to my story. When I was younger, I remember wondering when the “real world” would happen. Since that’s all the grown-ups seemed to say is where the good stuff happens – as well as the time when they start to take you seriously. Well, then the real world hit me and it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. In fact, it was downright soul-sucking at times.

After years of allowing the light in my soul to be slowly, rather painfully snuffed out – I took back the power to imagine the world around me as I wish. When I finally changed my perspective, I changed my life.

In an amazing Zen-Grasshopper-becomes-the-teacher moment, I realized that the more I was fighting against having a career, the more energy I was wasting and getting more entrapped in the “Chutes and Ladders” of the market place. I was making myself more miserable than any ladder climbing could do. So, now, rather than hating on what I saw as my obstacles to living the life I wanted, I’m actively creating the career AND the life I want through online coaching. Now, I can continue to travel and see new places, while still taking care of my adult responsibilities and best of all – I get to help people feeling stuck just like you!

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