A Quick Full Moon Ritual to Release Unhealthy Energy

full moon ritualLast month I wrote about how creating New Moon intentions can help you focus energy and manifest what you desire. This week’s post is about what to do during the Full Moon to help along your journey around the wheel of the year.

Though it’s not quite spring yet, I’m ready to start clearing out the clutter and letting fresh air and light back into my life. How about you? If you live in a colder climate, I bet you’re itching for the light and warmth to return right about now.

Beyond the physical clutter and dust that’s been gathering in homes all over for the last few months, there’s also the mental and emotional clutter to take into account. Winter is the hibernation time for many animals. According to the 2016 Witch’s Datebook, the January full moon is called the wolf moon because this is the time “when prey animals die of cold and hunger, thus making good hunting for the wolves. Wolf energy deals in survival.”

Although humans don’t stick to their caves for months straight thinking only of their survival (though it is sometimes tempting), there is definitely a change in the energy around this time of year. It’s softer, less active and more introspective. Honestly, I think a lot more midday naps are taken in the winter than the summer, but then again I’m a big advocate of the power of napping. 🙂

So how can you take this quiet, dormant energy of hibernation and use it to create change in your life? Simply by releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

One of my favorite and easiest rituals is a Full Moon Release ritual. It takes only a few minutes at minimum, or you can make an evening of it if you want. This simple ritual clears out the old and unhealthy to make way for the new (i.e. the New Moon energy coming back around). By releasing old patterns and habits, you feel lighter and renewed, like a wonderful massage for the soul.

To perform a Full Moon Release ritual, all you need is a pen and paper, candles and a fire-proof container. I prefer to do this outside, but in winter months, that’s not very ideal. But don’t worry, whether you’re standing under the light of the full moon or inside a crowded apartment complex, you’ll still feel be able to release just as well.

  • First, be sure to center and ground yourself by taking several deep breathes. Then imagine roots coming out from the bottom of your feet or your seat, if you’re sitting down, and see the roots digging into the earth. You’re connected deeply to the earth. You’ll also want to smudge your vicinity with a sage stick or incense. This clears any negative energy that may be around you and creates a sacred, protective space. (More on smudging and grounding to come!) 
  • Next, light a candle and sit with yourself for a moment thinking of all the things you want to release this moon cycle. And write them down on slips of paper. It can be anything from fear and anxiety to debt or unhealthy eating habits. (Remember though, for those more action based releases, you will still need to DO your part after the ritual. You won’t lose any weight or decrease your debt by simply “releasing” it during this ritual).
  • Finally, the fun part! Say the word(s) on the paper out loud. I usually like to say something like…

“I release fear from my life.” Or…

“I no longer need these unhealthy eating habits, I release you now.”

  • And then put the paper to the candle and burn it, being sure to drop it into the fire-proof container. Once you’ve burned all the pieces of paper. Breathe in deeply again and imagine the weight of all that you’ve let go of lift from your shoulders, or heart. Wherever you feel the tension of those negative patterns in your body.

That’s it! Easy peasy and feeling free! If you want to make it more ceremonial, take a soothing bath before, while thinking of all the things you want to release. Then imagine them going down the drain as you get out.

The first full moon of this year is Saturday, January 23rd, so go try out this quick and easy ritual and see how you feel after.

And of course, come back and tell me how it felt to release all that doesn’t serve you from your life!

Looking for a way to connect to the Moon? Check out my 4 steps to New Moon and Full Moon rituals!


Need to set intentions that really end up manifesting your desires? Then use the New Moon Intention Ritual to do just that! Know you need to let go of a lot of old baggage before the good stuff has space to come in to your life. The use the straightforward and vastly uplifting Full Moon Release Ritual to make room for all the new blessings to come!

Yay!! You're all set!

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